Jan 31, 2011

FF-X7 Core Fighter - Gundam Paper Model

The first Gundam series that aired  all the way back in 1979 was Mobile Suit Gundam. As above picture you can see FF-X7 Core Fighter that used in RX 78-2 Gundam, RX 75-4 GunTank and RX 77-2 Guncannon and for the specs you can read it in here
My friend Wanda Bachtiansyah who also a PERI member has agreed to share his design work on this fighter plane. You can download the pattern in JPG or in PDF. And the instruction will be updated, but you can see the picture below as your references. For the scale of the model will be 1:35, that's a perfect one for military diorama.

I hope this will be a great model for you to built, stay tuned on my blog for the instruction.

Global TV Interview : One Cubed TV Show

On January 21,2011 after a brief interview with One Cubed TV during Urban Fest 2010, finally One Cubed TV crew agreed to interviewed PERI at my house. FYI One Cubed TV is a youth show in Global TV that broadcast every Saturday at 2 PM. This is a 30 minutes show that cover about youth culture.

The interview began around 7.30 PM , and personally I'm very impressed about how the crew set up the lighting and the camera for this show. PERI member who came to my house were Dikki,Ady Putra,Yudhi,Antho,Imam and Rauf. The star of this interview was Dikki's customized Ingram from paper-replika.com that have LED lights, I myself already taped in on the video and you can see it in here.
The crew interviewed me, Imam and Yudhi. I don't know exactly when the interview will air, but they will inform us the schedule and as soon as possible I will give you all the details.