Dec 31, 2009


For all my readers I will give you something special as my year end gift. Please check below for the list of all Gundam Paper Model that I have uploaded in 2009.

RX93 Nu Gundam

Destiny Gundam

Gundam Hazel

Hi-Nu Gundam

Gundam MK II RX-178 AEUG Color

Gundam RX78 Evolve Version

MSZ-006-3Z Gundam Zeta White Unicorn Version

Gundam ZII

Gundam Z

Gundam RX-78-NT-1 “ALEX”

Gundam Hyaku Shiki

RGM 79 GM Powered

RGC 80 GM Cannon

BIG Gundam Hi Nu

Gundam FA 78-1

Gundam F91

Gundam X

RX-78-2 Gundam Scale 1/60

Strike Freedom Gundam

Gundam Wing Zero

MSZ 006z Zeta Gundam Scale 1/60

There you go, hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do. See you again in 2010.

Dec 25, 2009

Paper Model Tools

At the end of the year I will give you my WAR GEAR for my daily Paper Model activity. As you can see in the picture above, the tools simply put it can be display on a single A4 cutting mat.
So there you go my readers, if you are wondering how many tools that I use to make wonderful Paper Model you can guess from the picture above.

Dec 24, 2009

Paper Model is A GREEN HOBBY

Do you realize that we live in a beautiful world ?? In order to maintain that gift from GOD we as human nature must preserve our natural resources. So why not do some GREEN HOBBY?? But how about paper model. Is it a Green Hobby ? Of course it is. The main reason that we use the material that can be recycled by mother nature. As for paper we also can used recycled paper or waste paper that many office duties produced daily. So right now for all paper model and designer please put this in your mind. By doing this hobby we also help our mother nature stay GREEN.

Dec 23, 2009

Black in News : Paper Replika Indonesia

Finally after the media coverage all the way back in August 2009 as my previous post, finally RCTI already aired Black in News edition with Paper Replika Indonesia in it. The shows aired on November 22, 2009 at 11.30 pm. Even I as the one who interviewed didn't catch the chance to see the show, I was too busy with my other projects. So I assume the year 2009 closed with many good things for PeRI as a melting pot community for all paper model builder and designer in Indonesia. The track record is very nice as you will see in my next post. So please wait for it.

Dec 15, 2009

HAI Next GEN Magazine Scans

As my promise from this previous post, I give you the magazine scans from PeRI designer that HAI next GEN covered. The first design by cerebrave (ARIF) was Nortrom the Silencer from DOTA Hobi Kit Kertas (his papercraft site) and the second was Yotsuba by 88ping(Liem Khou Ping/OM Ping). Please check those link above, I separated the scans in order if you want only one design.

Dec 14, 2009

Paper Replika on MAXIM Magazine Scans

As for my previous post, with this I give you the magazine scans for Paper Replika interview on MAXIM November 2009. Please do follow this link, cause I already uploaded it. For HAI NEXT Gen magazine scans please wait for a while. Sorry for the long wait, due to my office duty at the end of the year, I barely have the time to update my blog.

Dec 6, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (4)

In this last tutorial I will give you the ilustration when the box almost done. If you can see the first picture it shows you when you almost put all the piece to form a box. Remember when you inserted the paper model in the box you have to make it fixed by gluing it with all purpose glue such as UHU in the base of the box.
For the last piece of the acrylic you have to make sure that the air will not go trough the box. After that you can tear awy the outer warp of the acrylic so that the finished box will look like the last picture. For this tutorial I would like to thanks to Antho who provide all the pictures and Imam for the demonstration. Without you guys, this tutorial will never exist.

Dec 5, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (3)

Weclcome again to Acrylic Box Tutorial. In this part I will show you how to form a box.
In the first picture you can see you have to peel the inner wrap of acrylic. Don't forget to do, because if you do you have to tear apart again the box and will take more time.
In the second picture please prepare the cotton bud along with Acrylic Glue. And in the last picture show you how to apply acrylic glue in order to bond the acrylic to form a box. Do it like you apply glue to paper model. Make sure one side and the other glued tightly, because we don't want any air get through in the box. If that happen, it will make your paper model deteriorate in terms of color. Remember if already fixed please wait till the glue dried, aproximately about 10 to 15 minutes. And on the next tutorial (the final one) I will give you the box picture and some of the paper model that already been boxed by Antho and Imam.
All picture are credits to Ruang Antho.

Acrylic Box Tutorial (2)

For this second tutorial I will give you the ilustration about cutting acrylic. After you measured your paper model and have the exact desire measurement for your box, use the plastic scribber along with the iron ruler to cut the acrylic.
The last picture show you how to cut the acrylic. Remember to use hard material or multiplex as cutting mat when doing this. One tips when cutting the acrylic : YOU HAVE TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. As shown in the first picture, the acrylic will slowly break apart by showing its white parts. So do it over and over again till the acrylic break off.
Please remember to put saftey as your first concern, plastic scribber its very sharp. So do it with your full strength but also be carefull when cutting it.
Next tutorial will be gluing together the part to form a box. All the picture are credits to Ruang Antho.