Jul 29, 2010

PERI @ Lintas Pagi TPI

This month seems to be a very busy month for PERI, many events and media coverage come to us. The most recent one is from Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (TPI) who interviewed us at Rizky's house for Lintas Pagi Weekend. PERI is represented by Rizky,Rauf,Imam,Roy, Cris and Rino. The crew shoot the interview on July 25th 2010. And as for the show you can watch it on Saturday July 31st 2010 at TPI starting 6 am. The pictures above are courtesy of Rauf who took it during the interview shooting . I'm glad that with this media coverage many people will come to know and join this lovely hobby with PERI.

Jul 25, 2010

PERI @ HP Booth in Festival Komputer Indonesia 2010

In JHCC Senayan from July 14th till 18th 2010, there was an event called Festival Komputer Indonesia 2010. At this event we helped Hewlett Packard (HP) in their booth by giving free paper model workshop to the visitor.The event was success, although I admitted we have a very busy month due to our event in Mall of Indonesia. Many thanks for Roy and Rauf for their effort in this event, especially for Roy for letting me to published the pictures above taken from the event.

Jul 21, 2010

PC Plus Article Scans

For those of you who did not have the original articles of our media coverage on PC Plus edition 364, I already upload the scans of that article in here. The files is a RAR archive and contains two kinds of files. One is in JPG format and the other is in PDF fromat. I recommended that you download it and choose the PDF format, cause it's easier to read. Sorry if the color still in B&W cause I don't have the luxury of color photocopy machine. FYI the article already reduced 70% from the original A3 format in the tabloid to much easier A4 format to read.

Jul 20, 2010

My Paper Model Articles @ perikertas.com

The picture above was my latest experiment with paper model. I used weathering techniques in order to made a rust effect on my Panzerjagerwagen. For more on this weathering stuff, you can read it in my tutorial article in perikertas.com. As you can see in there I also wrote another articles on how to cut your paper model in order to reduce edge coloring, and you can read about the importance about Test Builder in paper model.
I did this in order to give my experiences to all paper model builder in Indonesia so they can up their skills one notch. Remember this hobby is not just for fun, but maybe you can someday sell your paper model with a huge amount of money if someone interested.

PERI @ Rocks in PC Plus Edition 364

On July 13 2010, me and some PERI member have been invited by PC Plus to their office to had a photo session for their upcoming edition (number 364) in ROCKS !! section. PC Plus is a computer and IT  tabloid that also in one group with HAI Magazine, so we came to the same building that we used to go when HAI invite us for little interview.
Since the building is the nearest one from my office so I was the first one who get there at 6.30 pm After that show up Antho and Imam around 07.30 pm. After relaxing a bit in the basement cafe we met their reporter. We had a little chat before the photo session started. After that around 9 pm Arif ,Rauf and Roy showed up and finally we can started our photo session.
The session was very fun, caused the photographer  instruct us to go WILD in terms of FUN and CREATIVE way. So there you go, as you can see in our picture above. Thank you again for PC Plus for the invitation, and I hope by this media coverage many Indonesian people will realized this lovely hobby and join us for a fun ride.Thanks for Mr. Roy for the picture above.

Jul 14, 2010

PERI @ JazzCraft Vaganza

PERI Jabodetabek and Bandung collaborate their forces to attend JazzCraft Vaganza at Kota Baru Parahyangan in Bandung from July 9 till 11 2010. The event were very success, because from the exhibition and workshop many people got interested in  paper model activity. Thanks to all the PERI member that participated in this event. And many thanks also for Gilang,Antho , Imam and Rauf for their permission to publish the pictures.For other pictures, you can also see the article from perikertas.com in here.

Jul 11, 2010

My First Paper Toy Custom : Batik CreArture

Above picture was my paper toy custom for Jodee's CreArture Paper Toy project. He made  a blank Paper Toy pattern that we can customized. Right now he already sent the request to many Indonesian paper model design to customized this Paper Toy. If you wanna to grab my pattern just click here, and if you want to customized your own and let Jodee publish your work you can download the blank pattern in here.

Jul 6, 2010

Brutishdog Paper Model (edited)

I've always been fascinated bay Japanese anime, especially when it comes to mechas. From my personal experiences I try not to cling to just one anime series. For that I also watch animes like Armored Troper Votoms.Firts originally aired in Japan back from year 1983. The picture above is what you get if you built your own Brutishdog paper model.

Jul 4, 2010

New War Gear !!!

At June 24th 2010, one day before PERI workshop at Mall Taman Anggrek I also get my self some new war gear. I purchased these two tweezers from different store. One from Hobby Craft and the other from Peter and Partner. I already tried these two tweezers and they're working like charm. It really help me with micro parts, such as details in my latest paper model. Hopefully with these two new weapons, my paper model skills will notch up one note. 

Super Gundam Papercraft

Basically this papercraft by someone at www.cardmodel.cn paper model forum is AWESOME. If you did not notice the mobile suit, it was Super Gundam. Super Gundam contains RX 178 Gundam MK II plus FXA-05D G Defensor . This mobile suit appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta (originally aired at year1986). This series is one of my favorite series from Gundam franchise. Unfortunately this paper model seems going to be a commercial release. Maybe someday I have the time to built some Gundam paper mode like this one. 

Jul 1, 2010

F91 Gundam Papercraft T Shirt

I never wonder my papercraft SD Gundam F91 would be so cute if some designer put it on T Shirt. You could visit and maybe buy his design at this link To refresh your memory, you can compare the picture with my built SD Gundam F91 right at my previous post in here.
FYI this SD Gundam Papercraft was my first ever Gundam paper model that made me so much in love in paper model, especially Gundam genre.