Sep 29, 2009


Origami Warriors (Taiwanese translation: Origami Fighters, Chinese: 摺紙戰士, Japanese: 折紙戦士, 聖天折紙戦士ドラファラード(仮), Korean: 접지전사.) is a Taiwanese manga series created by Jhou, Sian-Zong (周顯宗) in Ching-Win Publishing (青文出版社), Hong Kong/Taiwan (1990). It appeared as an anime series in Japan and Taiwan in 2005, and in South Korea on January 2006. It airs on Mainichi Broadcasting System in japan,SBS (Korea) in South Korea, and on Chinese Television Service in Taiwan. Origami Warriors merchandise was originally made by Tomy and was released by Nikkei in Japan. The show is about Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, and the legendary Dark Victory. The protagonist and his friends use the origami creations that come to life to fight the Wallpaper Robot Warriors. This show takes place in the setting of Wallpaper Robot, home to humans, anthropomorphic animals, and robots. Using the legendary Origami Warriors, Asia enters a tournament battle. The original look of the Origami Warriors character was based on Wallpaper Robot, but the belt buckle was replaced with a "friend fighter". and next series of Origami Warriors G (Origami-Fighters Generation), make of comic book called by Ching-Win Publishing. All series from Taiwan translate as all viewing to Origami Warriors series release.

The anime review above was taken from

So if you want to teach your children to learn about papercraft hobby why don't you join e\with then watch this Anime Series. It's already aired in Indonesia at SPACE TOON every Monday to Friday at 6.20 PM. So have fun, because I did watch it my 3 years old daughter and she enjoyed it very much, because of that she wants me to built 3 cute character from Cubee Craft.

Sep 28, 2009

HAI Magazine Scans

Alhamdulillah on Monday I finally bought HAI Magazine which covered PeRI on their Community Section. And the news coverage done by Rahmat Budiman (MATE) is very nice indeed,as a fellow writer I give the news coverage my thumb up. Well coverage, good picture and explanations and also with young accent because this magazine is intended for teenager. Please enjoy the picture above.

Sep 26, 2009

Paper Replika covered in PC Mild (Edited)

One of PeRI member which is got news coverage in PC Mild tabloid in the Actual Bookmarks section. From my personal experiences PC Mild is one of well known PC tabloid in Indonesia. Anyway congrats for Julius for his achievement. For all PeRI member please be patient I will scan the news as soon as I get the copy of the tabloid.

Here you go the Scans form Tabloid PC Mild that I bought on Monday. Please enjoy it.

Sep 24, 2009

Papercraft Types and Models

For those of you who early in this hobby you might be wondering about Papercraft types and models. I will explain it to you as per below description.

It's the terms for papercraft models which consist about one till three pages of pattern with simple design. This type of models can be build by simply putting together all the flaps (i.e. Cubeecraft models) or a combination between putting all the flaps and little glue (i.e. Salazad models). It really suits for the beginner and attracts children who wants to experiment with paper without the hustle to build difficult models. Estimated time to build the models about 30 minutes till 1 hour.

This kind of papercraft usually consist with pattern that will allow you to build the models that can be move by simple engineering activity (i.e. rolling or spinning). For example of this Papercraft you can see at special section on automata in here. Estimated time to build the models range from 1 hour to 2 hour.

This type of models usually takes on robots and mechas for their main objective. Many Gundam mechas usually designed by Japanese or South Korean designer takes on this type of models. Usually the pattern consist about 4 till 15 pages and have higher difficulty from Papertoy or Automata Papercraft. From my personal experiences if you want to built it right you can spend almost 2 weeks time.

As already known from the names this type of models take on almost any military object. You named it and almost any designer already released their model about it. From tanks, aircraft plane,war ship planes, armored vehicle, rocket launcher,submarines till military figure or soldier like Paper Soldier. This type of models need little more attention and range of difficult is about the same with SD Papercraft. But for war ship planes the difficulty rates above all other papercraft models. As I can tell from my experiences this type of models may consist flaps or non flaps in its pattern. For aircraft plane models it's even consist inner frame to make better models.
So if you already experienced many types of papercraft models I suggest you should try military papercraft, because it's very challenging and time consuming, but in the end the built models worth every effort you put in it.

Sep 23, 2009


Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin. With this me and my family would like to say HAPPY IED FITRI 1430 H, may Allah SWT bless us through all the year and hope we will meet again with Ramadhan next year and repeat the same IED FITRI festivity.

Sep 15, 2009

Papercraft : Gundam and Paper Soldier Series

The picture above was my latest addition for Papercraft Model. The first one taken from Paper Soldier Series ( which shows you Densus 88 (Indonesian Anti Terorist Squad) and GSG 9 (Germany Border Police). The second one taken from Cubic Character, one of my favorite Gundam papercraft designer. the model was SD RX-178 Gundam MK II from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime series.

Sep 14, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: A. Adiwardhana Widjajanto

First of all the picture above tell you about the story how Adhiwardhana Widjajanto (Adhi) came across with this hobby. First of all he have a lot of money so he decided to buy PSP console game via Internet. But by accident he ended up at Creativity Park Canon ( and Paper Replika ( Soon after that he built his first (actually there are 3) papercraft model : Buldozer Komatsu D155AX, H-II A Rocket and Red TransJakarta. These first models he began to built it a week before Ied Fitri (Lebaran) 2008. He also optimized his 2 weeks holiday for Ied Fitri 2008 to began his second wave of papercraft models starting with Tower Bridge,Arc de Triomphe,Suzuki Swift ( and ARC-170 Fighter (began with this model he also made contact with Julius Perdana as the model designer).

After this papercraft build rally, he began building models when ever he finds the time to do it.
Mostly his models came from Canon (for "best instruction" reason) and Paper Replika (because he wants to be the first to built rare models). He also experienced sabbatical leave from papercraft building around January 2009 due to his office building relocation. But after that he went on again and at least he built one model for a month. Confessed he already addicted to this hobby, try this fact : spent 4 hours on food court Mall to built Densus88 (Black Version) and cutting his mat for Ingram Maintenance Facility while waiting his wife shopping in the market parking lot. He already succeed spreading this papercraft virus to his father and brother in law (although he output he seems doesn't know for sure). His model became the majority when Paper Replika was invited to Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif 2009 (August 7-9, 2009) and that was when I first met him. He did this to encourage himself and to spread more papercraft virus.

His Masterpiece model was ARC-170 Fighter because he said it was the most difficult model for beginner. And for AV 98 Ingram (Patlabor) he built it with so much high spirit because Patlabor was his best anime from his childhood till now. When asked if he wants to became a commercial builder he would gladly do it. But not in order to pursue the amount of money, but to show to everyone else that this hobby can make some extra money too. And lastly you will not believe that his education background was from Electric Techno in Computer, but when asked if he wants to become a papercraft designer he seems doesn't want to think it seriously right now, maybe because he already reach the age 35 and have to manage time wisely to take care his family and two kids.

Sep 13, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: Purwo Kusumaning Dianto

The picture above (Gerobak Bakso) was a masterpiece from my friend as a fellow Papercraft builder. His name Purwo Kusumaning Dianto (ANTHO). He began this hobby from 2007 and Viking Sail Ship was his first papercraft model although he can't show this model to everyone because it's already ruined. He also said in his interview that he took 3 days annual leave from his job to make paperavatar, but then he said again this only happens due to his campus on Final Test so he have plenty time to do the model. Right now at the age of 30 he's already married and still taking Sistem Informatika at Budi Luhur University. From the picture above he proudly said that he prefer Indonesian papercraft designer, and if you want to stop by his blog you can visit him at

Sep 11, 2009

HAI Coverage : September 07,2009

HAI is one of the oldest and most circulated weekly teens magazine in Indonesia. And because my friend Arif Suseno connection we have been invited to do some coverage about PeRI. The interview took place at Kompas Group Building near my office at Jalan Panjang, Kebon Jeruk. According to Arif the coverage start at 5 PM. Because my office is the nearest from location, I became the first one arrived there (PERTAMAX Yes !!) at 5.15 PM. After that joined with me Antho and his friend Ijul who also a papercrafter. Later I've got a call from Rachmat Budiman (MATE) from HAI that he will be arrived soon because he has to do some coverage first with Sony Ericcson. Number three arrived at the scene is Julius. Before we know it we already waiting at HAI Redaksi. Soon after that is ADZAN MAGHRIB, Alhamdulillah so I can do Buka Puasa. The host gladly served us with some Ice Tea and Gorengan. After I took sholat Maghrib arrived Rauf and Arif and also the reporter MATE.

06.30 PM - 07.30 PM
The interview list of question as far as I can remember was about the material used for papercraft, history about papercraft, how to design and build, basic tools, PeRI history and usual activity. Also about PeRI involvement in papercraft international forum and the reporter also took note about our current job (perhaps for background info) . For the surprise the photographer was Barrack Obama Indonesia (Mas Ilham), and as usual Rauf is very excited about it and ask him to sign on his cutting mat.

07.30 PM -07.45 PM
The photo session maybe took only 15 minutes. Mas Ilham took Rauf and Antho when they begin cutting and scoring in the cutting mat and he also took photo of us with the favorite papercraft design or built model. Before we went home beacuse everybody forget to bring thier camera Antho took a photo of me and Rauf along with Mas Ilham. Because of this incident Rauf proclaimed as Barrack Obama from PeRI.

I went home hitchhiked with Rauf and Arif , because Arif brought his car so I took the opportunity. Alas the traffic road that night was very jammed, that's why I came home at 9 PM.
NB : This coverage will come up in HAI Edition No. 39, after Ied Fitri (Lebaran).

Sep 10, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) 1st Official Gathering

AT Plaza Semanggi on September 5th 2009, me and my friend have the first Paper Replika Indonesia (PeRI) gathering. In this gathering also that the PeRI name have been choose as our community name. From the picture above shows you some of the PeRI member. From left to right are : Antho (antkhokd), Arif Suseno (cerebrave), Julius Perdana (julescrafter), Rauf(kentutmania), Liem Kou Phing (88ping), Rizky Feriansyah (tekzo) + wife,Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul (jalokx) and Imam (ichigo190).
The one who took the picture is Adhiwarhana (tim_adhi). I don't have my picture taken because this picture was taken after I left the gathering at 5 PM ( I did this caused on the same day I have Buka Bersama event with my high school alumnus).
On this gathering we discuss the Community official Name and address (which is temporary at Julius house in Gandul, Depok) and brainstorming our ideas about IndoComtech 2009 events.
The gathering runs quite well, because the result is very interesting and many good ideas came up for our events. After this gathering we can finally make our proposal draft for the sponsorship and Dyandra as the event organizer of IndoComtech 2009.

Basic Papercraft Tutorial Video

Since I've already post the article about papercraft material and tips, it's just not right if you don't have the tutorial video of it. Well I will give you the link from about it.
In here the founder of the web explain simple paper toy making from scoring till the finish model.
Hope you'll enjoy it.

Sep 9, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: RAUF

White Dragon soar high !! The picture above is designed by Japanese papercraft and built by RAUF as one of the Papercraft Builder from Actually he is the one who started the forum and we usually called him TS (Thread Starter). His first model was taken from Majalah Kreatif Smurf back from 1996, and he built Gargamel House from that magazine.
As for the common model (downloaded from the web) he started it from 2004. As an addict builder he confessed to me that he sometimes cut and score papercraft pattern in a public transportation (such as bus, train or even urban city transport/Angkot). But he will never do this on ojek motorbike he said it was too dangerous. For the last update actually he already tried this one also on the aircraft on his way to Makassar his hometown for the upcoming Ied Fitri. Right now at the age 24 his next target is to become a Commercial Papercraft Builder, he said that is a waste not to used your good talents for making money. From his experiences, Epson Truck Trailer was his masterpiece. Because this model contained with clear instruction and very good details, and he also said that is harder to built papercraft from Indonesian designer rather than International designer. Believe it or not his education background came from Teknologi Pangan dan Gizi IPB.

Sep 8, 2009

Paper for Papercraft

As I already mentioned on my previous post, PAPER is the most essential material for this hobby.
For this post I will explain more about how many types of paper we usually used and some tips and tricks to choose and buy the best paper for your own model.

HVS A4 100 gsm
This kind of paper usually used to make Papertoy and simple Papercraft model. You can find it at your local bookstore. One tip for you is to choose the best price and make sure to test the thickness of the paper by your own finger.

Concorde A4 160 gsm
Many papercraft builder I've known choose this paper as their best paper for making more complicated model than Papertoy. Usually this kind of paper is good to make Mechas (robots) model and many other things. The thickness is just feel right for this paper and you don't have to worry to bend it because if you make rounded segment.

Sketch Paper A4 120 gsm
This is my personal favorite for making Mechas model or simple Papertoy. I bought it at my own local bookstore under Rp 10,000 for a book contain 50 sheets. Very cheap indeed.

Matte Paper A4 100 gsm
If you want the color own your Papercraft model to look very shiny and bright use this paper. It brings up all the goodness in your model after you finished it.

Glossy Photo Paper 200 gsm
I already tried this kind of paper for my first Mechas model (Gundam F91). And it looks really cool and brigs up all the color in my model. I recommended for Mechas model or even Military model such as Tanks and Aircrafts.

Never print your papercraft pattern on Laser Jet printer, based on my own and many of my friends experiences if you scored the pattern it will break up the color alongside the scoring lines and made your built model really ugly.
This printing tips may apply vary from one Laser Jet brand to another, so it doesn't apply to all Laser Jet Printer

Sep 3, 2009

Papercraft Designer Profile: Rizky Feriansyah

This article is for my friend Rizky Feriansyah who designed and built the picture above :Diorama Tank Factory. He began this hobby from Elementary School and before he went to Junior High School at his 6th grade class he already designed a papercraft. His first design was a submarine and he did it manually. He went to SMA 68 and finished his college at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) major in Architecture at 2005.
Right now he has a web site dedicated to his hobby and a place where you can download his latest design at
His interest in papercraft mainly in militer and mechas (such as Gundam), right now at the age 27 he's already married and expecting new born baby.