Dec 16, 2010

Santa Park

On Thursday December 16th 2010, I visited Central Park after I bought myself some plastic models and paint supply from PnP @ Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. PnP was my regular store when it comes to hobby store especially military scale models.  On the other hand I was stunned to see the beautiful Santa Park theme that was 100% build entirely by LEGO. The event last from December 3rd 2010 till January 9th 2011, this event held by Central Park for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's holiday.
 While we are on the holiday spirits, I want to share you the customized Nani Bird paper toy in here by SP2, you can read the whole news and where to download it in here. So happy building and Happy Holiday from me. I'm going for a break a while and will come back after finishing my year end personal project in web design. So till we meet again, maybe in this year or in 2011 !!!

Dec 15, 2010

How to Make Details in Military Paper Model

That is the beauty of WW II Panther G details that you are looking at the above picture.Details are the most important thing in military paper model. So I already wrote an article in here at for my personla tips and tricks how to make it yourself. So please check the link and happy building.

Zimmerit in Military Paper Model

From my experiences in building paper model, especially the armory from WW II you will meet with some models that actually required Zimmerit treatments. For those of you who wants to know better how to apply this treatment on your WW II armory models I recently uploaded the article from Armorama (my recommendation when it comes to scale models). Actually the techniques is for plastic models, but if you read carefully you can customize the materials  to use in paper model. So, happy building.

Dec 14, 2010

Gundam Extreme VS - LP

For your information, I never played any electronic based on Gundam Universe. But recently BANDAI collaborated with Linkin Park (as one of my favorite rock group) released the GUNDAM Extreme VS. This game featured in HD version, and for the specs and teaser you can check it here.  Actually on November 24th 2010, LP released A Thousand Suns and also embedded with  customized skins Gundam Plastic Model  as you can see in the second picture. For the full news you can check it here.
 I also listed below all the mobile suit from the games that already out in free paper model. If you want to build one of them just check my 4 shared account.
 The names after the MS is the one who pilotted in the games.

Gundam RX 78-2 (Amuro Ray)  
Acguy (Akahana)
Gundam Alex ( Christina Mackenzie)
GP-01Fb Zephyranthes Full Vernian ( Kou Uraki)
Zeta Gundam ( Kamille Bidan)
Hyaku Shiki ( Quattro Bajeena)
Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)Hi-Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)
Gundam F91 ( Seabook Arno)
Strike Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Astray Red Frame ( Lowe Gear)
Strike Freedom Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Destiny Gundam ( Shinn Asuka)

So happy building your own paper model, remember you can plays the game but don't forget to study or work. And as my latest info the latest album is GOOD and worth listening, caused I already listened. Actually I'm listening it now as I wrote this article.

PERI and SPJ in Paperlicious Christmas

Paperlicious Christmas is a special paper project by Surya Palace Jaya (SPJ) in collaboration with PERI and other company by making one big Christmas Tree that made of 100% art paper. This Christmas tree can be seen at Pacific Place in Sudirman area, Jakarta. SPJ team represented by Ms Lulu joining with PERI represented by Rauf, Roy, Ricco and Christopher.
And that's not all, since this is also a contest, you can vote like by using your FB account in via this link. Just click the thumbs up for all the pictures so we can the first place. Thank you for SPJ and all the PERI member for who gave their 100% effort to made the project done.

Dec 13, 2010

Boys with Toys

As you can see on the above picture, there was standing on my office desk two of my favorite Gundam Action Figure released by BANDAI under the name Gundam Stand Art. Actually the models have 1:200 scale, so it quite small enough but they managed to maintained all the details and color from bigger action figures.
In the left was my all time favorite mobile suit called MS-18E Kaempfer and on the right was Gundam F91 (Harrison Mardin Custom). And since this is a paper model blog let me inform you, as far as I know there are only one model regarding the Kaempfer and its only the HEAD parts. As for the Gundam F91, you can check it in here, and you can customize the color since in my link the paper model came in the original color piloted  by Seabook Arno.  For the Kaempfer link I think it's already dead, or some one out there can tell me whether there is one designer who distributed Kaempfer paper model freely with whole body from head to toe. 
And as soon as the end of year coming I'm preparing my earn hard cash to hunts more Gundam action figures for my end year gift bonus. I always do this to appreciate my self by buying toys or action figures at the end of the year, just for fun and knowing that my inner child in me never dies. Like what the people always said BOYS WITH TOYS.

Dec 12, 2010

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit) - Video Link

For your information who missed our show on O Channel, Antho have recorded the TV show. And you can follow this link for chapter 1 and chapter 2. Please enjoy !!!

And I want to give you the most basic information about me, when you watch the video you might think that I'm a Balinese person, but I'm not. That's was just the way I speak and I'm 100% pure Betawi.

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit)

 The picture above are courtesy of Dikki one of PERI member that took picture when PERI was aired in DKI 15 on O Channel. O Channel was a local TV that covered Jabodetabek area,so only PERI members that lived in those area can watched this show. Actually it was first aired on December 06th 2010, on 12.00 PM, and re run for the whole week after that. Thank you for Dikki for letting me used his pictured in this article.

And for the picture above was the shooting activity that took on my place. The shooting was at night from 7.30 pm till 9 pm in November 26th 2010. Thanks for Christopher, Antho, Yudhie, Imam, Ady Putra and Roy who came and bring their beautiful paper models. The highlight model was a huge Ondel Ondel by Ruang Antho.  Thanks for Ms Ocha from O Channel that contact PERI and gave us the opportunity to tell more people about this lovely hobby.


I know this already December, and as always my office is busy like hell. And with my new position my works is already up to my chin. But fear not I will keep updating this blog.

For the first post of this month I will give you another media coverage by Koran TEMPO which published on Sunday, November 28th 2010. Antho and Rauf got a night interview representing PERI with TEMPO reporter to give more people information and how to enter this lovely hobby.  And thank you for Antho by giving me permission to used his picture above.

Nov 23, 2010

The winners of Indonesia in Urban Papertoy Contest

The first PERI Papertoy contest (Indonesia dalam Urban Paper Toy) have already ended and we have ourself the winner. According to judge results from Faisal Azad (, Julius Perdana ( and Antho ( PERI announced that CATS the papertoy design from Idham Mahardhika won the contest.
Congratulations for the winner and for the rest of the participants keep the spirit of design and we will see you again for other competition hopefully in the near future. If you're willing to download the template, please visit this link to Idham's blog article. 

Nov 22, 2010

PERI @ UrbanFest 2010

This is the picture of the first PERI team during Urban Fest 2010, that started Saturday November 20th 2010. From right to left are Rizky, Rauf, Ariv, Ilud, Ricco,Vicky, Roy and Christopher. Salute for you guys, and thank you for Mr Adhi who took the picture. ROY was holding SVD paper model built by Mr Adhi.

Some of the paper model and paper toy that displayed in our booth during Urban Fest 2010. You can see the first picture are three Gundam Impulse Variant (Strike, Sword and Blast) designed by Arif Suseno from
Here is the picture of Mr Antho being interviewed by local TV Station. Hi hi, I guess PERI's name are more popular every day.

Even some foreign tourist that came to Ancol interested about our booth, from the PERI member report they were very excited when they looked the paper models.

 And here you have our informal PERI mascot, Heppy Hutri Pamungkas alias SONY .Good to see you again , although the hair doesn't change a bit.

And here last but not least the PERI booth in Urban Fest 2010 during the first day on Saturday November 20th. I admitted I was very satisfied with this event, cause it does give us a wider audience and more expose by media. Thank you all for the PERI member that gave their effort for this event. And thank you too for Mr Adhi,Mr Rizky and Mr Rino for giving permission to use their pictures for this article.

Nov 18, 2010

PERI @ Muda Creativity 4th Anniversary

Kompas MUDA as an integral part of KOMPAS (the most popular daily news paper in Indonesia) invite us on MUDA Creativity 4th Anniversary at KOMPAS Gramedia Palmerah Building,Jakarta. The event itself start on November 12th  and end November 14th 2010. I was not able to attend the event because from Saturday November 13th, I have to go to my family in Bandung. Nevertheless PERI had done a good job on this event. Cause from the report by PERI member that guarding our booth, the crowd very interested and buy many printed paper model from our sales catalog during this three day event.
The picture above there taken by Xiahu and Vicky from PERI member, so the credit goes for them. And I want to thanked you for all the PERI member that participated in this event. I hope this will be a good start before we attend Urban Fest 2010 tomorrow and the day after at Pasar Seni Ancol.

Nov 8, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Happy Hutri Pamungkas

 I don't know what I'm supposed to call  this guy, but in PERI , Happy Hutri Pamungkas name is so popular and we considered him as our informal PERI mascot. His friends and colleagues called him Sonny, he knew paper model from our article coverage in HAI magazine all the way back in 2009. First time I met him was on our  gathering in Plaza Semanggi before IndoComtech 2009. I'm not asked to call teacher by this guy, but in his blog he seems to think that I'm his teacher.

Well then the student already surpassed the teacher maybe, he already designed a simple paper model (Inter Milan football club logo) on son2boy paper. But in terms of building skills, he must learn so much from me and the other builder in PERI.His first paper model build was Nessajthe Chaos knight , that was the popular DOTA character from Still a college student in  Institut Manajemen Telkom major in MBTI. He first learn to design paper model around the end of 2009, and still want to finish his Unicorn Gundam paper model by

Seems to his opinion to beon Dahsyat RCTI and got his name on KOMPAS Bandung article is his greatest achievement. And I admitted he succeed to spread the paper model virus in his university and he's very active by publishing our event and exhibition in Bandung together with other PERI Bandung member.
PS: The picture above was a PAPER TOY tribute for SONY from other designer paper model.

Nov 7, 2010

RuangAntho @ GenFest 2010

GenFest 2010 is a festival to celebrate GenFM birthday as one of the leading radio station In Indonesia. RuangAntho invited there by KASKUS to display his paper toy Kaskus Emoticon at their booth. The event only took one day on November 07th 2010 at Plaza Barat Senayan Jakarta.

As you can see the second picture there he posed with Rauf Raphanus and along with other KASKUS officer and also the founder and admin of KASKUS (Andrew Darwis) at the corner right side of the picture. For your information KASKUS is the Largest Indonesian Community that have more than 2 million member.

Anyway congrats to Ruang Antho and hopefully there will be more event like this that can promote paper model to larger public.

Diorama Paper Model

Diorama Paper Model is one type of paper model  that replicate the actual conditions of the real life by using miniature figure, building or any kind of vehicles by scale from 1:25 to 1:6. I think that is my personal definition of  Diorama Paper Model. As you can see above from my latest picture about Diorama Paper Model.All the scale for above diorama are 1:35, I used the same scale as the one that commonly used in military diorama from plastic model kit.

Actually if you buy a commercial paper model from the Internet, they actually came in 1:25 scale, so it quite bigger than their counterpart in  plastic model military diorama. For the things you need to know about the basics of this type of model are : composition, point of focus,  foliage, base material, miniature figure and scale.

For your information if you want to build the diorama like  my second picture above, you can visit this link, and it's for free. And till now I still used plastic model miniature figure for all my diorama paper model because I couldn't find 3D miniature figure from paper model designer. And I hope for the paper model designer that read this will soon built the models, believe me guys there are a bunch of paper model builder out there wishing the same thing as I am.

Nov 5, 2010

Indonesia in Urban Papertoy Contest

For our upcoming event in Urban Fest 2010, Paper Replika Indonesia (PERI) are holding a PAPERTOY Contest.The event name is Indonesia dalam Urban Papertoy. Actually it's already began from October 17th 2010 and will end on November 18th. So just a reminder for you all out there who have the papertoy design skills, just upload your entry before it's too late. For more info about this event, please check the articles in in here. For your information, the winner of this contest will have their design displayed in our booth at Urban Festival 2010.

Nov 1, 2010

PERI invited to UrbanFest 2010

UrbanFest is an annual event that held every year in Jakarta focusing on urban lifestyle. This year Paper Replika Indonesia (PERI) have been invited to this wonderful event that will be held in Pasar Seni Ancol from 20 till 21 November 2010.
I'm personally excited about this event, for one reason we also get invited to the same event last year, but due to our busy schedule last year we couldn't make it to the event. I think after we get the confirmation from the organizer PERI will put more than 100% effort to made this event succeed.

Oct 19, 2010

My Neighbour Totoro

I know I've been lazy updating this blog. There are many reasons for that. The first one is I got promoted to higher position in my office so I can no longer have the free time to update this blog as often as usual. The second one, this month especially for PERI community there are no news or activity to covered from exhibition or workshop.

So I used my spare time to watch this wonderful anime My Neighbour Totoro (1988) directed by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. It was so wonderful that after I watched the movie I began to search for the TOTORO paper model . And I finally find it, and if you are as curious as I am you can download it in here. Hmm, I bet my daughter will be delighted to see me bring this model when I came to visit my family again in Bandung.

Sep 27, 2010

PERI Paper Model Coaching Clinic (Photo Report)

The first PERI Paper Model Coaching Clinic went quite well, the participants exceed our full capacity (41 people came to this event). Concept Magazine as the host overwhelmed  by the participants spirits. Although it's heavy rain and the traffic jam was very bad (these two things made me came late to this event) the event finally took off from 6.30 pm, 30 minutes off the scheduled 6 pm. Actually I can made it on time if my friend who supposed to took me there showed up, but he didn't. So poor me I have to take the taxi and you can guess how bad is Jakarta traffic jam while it's heavy raining. Big thanks to Rino Liha, Anto, Beta, Roi,Chris and Imam who helped me by tutoring all the participants. I guess this one is not the end, cause we will meet again in 2 months time for another great Coaching Clinic like this. All the picture credit goes to ROI and thanks for uploading it.  P.S: Boys and girls please don't try this at home for the latest picture, it's very bad for your paper model.