Apr 27, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Christopher Ryan Suryanto

The above picture is Jeepney paper model by Christopher Ryan Suryanto also known as bamboogila in our forum. His first papercraft was FV101 Scorpion designed by Julius Perdana in 2008. This jeepney paper model took quite long to designed as he admitted it. He began to studied papercraft design in January 2010. He began to know this hobby in 1008 but he seriously doing it since last 2009. Already spreading papercraft virus to his friend, while he study as a college student. Right now he is still busy doing his final assignment before he can graduate an earn a degree in Teknik Informatika. If you want to know his latest design in papercraft yoou can visit his blog at Bamboogila Corner.

Apr 26, 2010

IDS Creative Festival :Light Up Your Ideas 4 Success

On April 24th at the same spot as last week, IDS invite us again to make a workshop and exhibition on papercraft. Although the visitor is not as crowded as last week I have a very good time, cause I don't have to stay in Epicentrum Mall from morning till night. I went there with Antho after my work hours in Saturday (hell yeah I still have to go to office in Saturday). And finally met a new PeRI member with nickname pepakura viewer or Muhammad Ilud in the real world.After this event I "kidnapped" two modles, one is World Cup replica in A4 version and Danboard for my lovely daughter if I go to Bandung next week. Anyway thanks for alll the PeRI member especially Mr Rauf and Mr Rizky Feriansyah who already stayed at the event from the beginning in the morning.

Apr 23, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Maulana Jodi Prayogo

Pak Raden is a character taken from Unyil puppet show all the way back in 1981. This papercraft was Maulana Jodi Prayogo first design. His nick name in our forum is jdmaulana. He began studied papercraft design by himself in the mid 2010. Although he admit that he know papercraft since his high school times, he went serious about this hobby in 2010. His masterpiece design till now is S.E.S.I (Space Explorer Ship of Indonesia), as you can see in the second picture still fresh from his Paperkrap blog. And at the age of 19 and already have a girlfriend right now he is a college student and already spread his papercraft virus to his family and friends. 

Apr 20, 2010

Gundala and Godam Paper Toy

Gundala and Godam were Indonesian super heroes that appear in the comic books. Gundala was created by Harya Suraminata (Hasmi) and first appear in Gundala Putra Petir (1969) and Godam was created by Wid NS and first appear in Memburu Doktor Setan (1969).   
These two Paper Toy were designed by Faisal Azad from salazad.com and he allows me to show his works in this blog and also by his permission you can download the pattern in here. The picture above goes to Mr Adhi credit, he took it on IDS Creative Festival event.

IDS Creative Festival

On April 17th 2010 which coincidentally the same as my birthday, PeRI Jabodetabek invited by International Design School (IDS) on IDS Creative Festival. This Festival is to celebrate their new campus area after they removed from the old one. The event only took one day from 10 pm till 7 pm at Epicentrum Walk Level 3.
The highlight model for this event from my personal opinion are Iron Man figurine from Rino Liha and 1/16 scale P51D Mustang by Riando (thanks bro by giving me the right name of the airplane). The event was spectacular and very crowded with so many people, because we are not the only community that invited by IDS. The picture above are some credit goes to Mr Adhi and Mr Asiong.

Apr 19, 2010

Art and Craft Workshop in Universitas Parahyangan

PeRI Bandung have a small papercraft workshop in collaboration with Universitas Parahyangan Hubungan Internasional (UNPAR HI). The event took place in UNPAR from April 5th till Aprill 8th. In this event PeRI Bandung coordinated an event that will bring more people to learn papercraft. Gilang Bhaskara and Faisal Azad are among the member of PeRI Bandung member that coordinated this event. I hope many cities in Indonesia will soon having a workshop on papercraft. All the picture above credit goes to Gilang Bhaskara.

Apr 13, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Idham Mahardhika

The picture above are PATO, Idham Mahardhika first paper toy design. In our forum his nick name is cocoanurban. Known papercraft since 2008 and he admit that his papercraft was Peyo from Concept Magazine. Since 2006 he already learn papercraft design, his first touch with design was to designed T- Shirt.
Right now at the age of 24 and still single his occupation is a freelance designer. Already spread his papercraft virus to his family and friends and since he live in Bandung I think he got many good lesson from Faizal Azad in papercraft or paper toy design. If you want to know all about his passion in papercraft, please visit his blog at CocooanUrban.

Apr 8, 2010

From Builder to Designer

From my previous papercraft builder profile RAUF and ANTHO back in 2009, there are good news coming from both of them. They already leveled up their skills and became a papercraft designer.
Rauf built his first papercraft design DASH-1 Emperor from the famous manga and anime series. As for Antho he made a pirate paper toy for his concern about design piracy.

As far as I know, Rauf studied papercraft design from many people but there are three people which can be named as his tutor. They are Arif Suseno,Rizky Feriansyah and Julius Perdana. Antho tutor in papercraft design was Faisal Azad. So I congratulate both of them for their effort to make Indonesian papercraft becoming much recognize in the international forums and websites.

Apr 7, 2010

Papercraft Builder Profile : Afif Whelly Artis Sandi

Meet the master for mini paper model, Afif Whelly Artis Sandi. In our forum his nickname is serhastya. As you can see on the first picture above he made Kaskus Emoticon Paper Toy in A9 paper size. The size is only 1 x 1 x 1.25 cm (can you believe that ???). The second picture was his master piece model taken from Yamaha sites, YZR M1 GO !!!
Since 1994 he knew this hobby and his first model was Avro Lancaster taken from Angkasa Magazine. From high school he already made a mini paper model from Angkasa Magazine by rescaled the model till 4 times smaller. As a result for it he made JAS Gripen, F/A-18 Hornet and F-15 Eagle about 5 cm long.
He likes doing mini paper model because there are certain challenge in building the model, also not all paper model can be rescaled to mini paper model. Other reason is to conserve space to put his built model. Still happy being single at 27 years of age and he admit that many of his friend already infected by his papercraft virus.

Apr 6, 2010

Mini Paper Model

In PeRI forum there is a new trend to make paper model in miniature size. For your information usually this model print on A5 till A9 paper size. To get the picture how small the paper size please check above for paper size comparison. From my experience as far as I can go is to build paper model on A6 paper size ( such as my Dawala).
But my fellow papercraft builder Adhi already built Ichigo by paper-replika.com in A8 paper size as you can see in the second picture (it only stands  4 cm tall !!!). But in the next papercraft builder profile I will give you some one who already built a paper toy in A9 paper size.