Dec 16, 2010

Santa Park

On Thursday December 16th 2010, I visited Central Park after I bought myself some plastic models and paint supply from PnP @ Taman Anggrek, Jakarta. PnP was my regular store when it comes to hobby store especially military scale models.  On the other hand I was stunned to see the beautiful Santa Park theme that was 100% build entirely by LEGO. The event last from December 3rd 2010 till January 9th 2011, this event held by Central Park for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's holiday.
 While we are on the holiday spirits, I want to share you the customized Nani Bird paper toy in here by SP2, you can read the whole news and where to download it in here. So happy building and Happy Holiday from me. I'm going for a break a while and will come back after finishing my year end personal project in web design. So till we meet again, maybe in this year or in 2011 !!!

Dec 15, 2010

How to Make Details in Military Paper Model

That is the beauty of WW II Panther G details that you are looking at the above picture.Details are the most important thing in military paper model. So I already wrote an article in here at for my personla tips and tricks how to make it yourself. So please check the link and happy building.

Zimmerit in Military Paper Model

From my experiences in building paper model, especially the armory from WW II you will meet with some models that actually required Zimmerit treatments. For those of you who wants to know better how to apply this treatment on your WW II armory models I recently uploaded the article from Armorama (my recommendation when it comes to scale models). Actually the techniques is for plastic models, but if you read carefully you can customize the materials  to use in paper model. So, happy building.

Dec 14, 2010

Gundam Extreme VS - LP

For your information, I never played any electronic based on Gundam Universe. But recently BANDAI collaborated with Linkin Park (as one of my favorite rock group) released the GUNDAM Extreme VS. This game featured in HD version, and for the specs and teaser you can check it here.  Actually on November 24th 2010, LP released A Thousand Suns and also embedded with  customized skins Gundam Plastic Model  as you can see in the second picture. For the full news you can check it here.
 I also listed below all the mobile suit from the games that already out in free paper model. If you want to build one of them just check my 4 shared account.
 The names after the MS is the one who pilotted in the games.

Gundam RX 78-2 (Amuro Ray)  
Acguy (Akahana)
Gundam Alex ( Christina Mackenzie)
GP-01Fb Zephyranthes Full Vernian ( Kou Uraki)
Zeta Gundam ( Kamille Bidan)
Hyaku Shiki ( Quattro Bajeena)
Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)Hi-Nu Gundam ( Amuro Ray)
Gundam F91 ( Seabook Arno)
Strike Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Astray Red Frame ( Lowe Gear)
Strike Freedom Gundam ( Kira Yamato)
Destiny Gundam ( Shinn Asuka)

So happy building your own paper model, remember you can plays the game but don't forget to study or work. And as my latest info the latest album is GOOD and worth listening, caused I already listened. Actually I'm listening it now as I wrote this article.

PERI and SPJ in Paperlicious Christmas

Paperlicious Christmas is a special paper project by Surya Palace Jaya (SPJ) in collaboration with PERI and other company by making one big Christmas Tree that made of 100% art paper. This Christmas tree can be seen at Pacific Place in Sudirman area, Jakarta. SPJ team represented by Ms Lulu joining with PERI represented by Rauf, Roy, Ricco and Christopher.
And that's not all, since this is also a contest, you can vote like by using your FB account in via this link. Just click the thumbs up for all the pictures so we can the first place. Thank you for SPJ and all the PERI member for who gave their 100% effort to made the project done.

Dec 13, 2010

Boys with Toys

As you can see on the above picture, there was standing on my office desk two of my favorite Gundam Action Figure released by BANDAI under the name Gundam Stand Art. Actually the models have 1:200 scale, so it quite small enough but they managed to maintained all the details and color from bigger action figures.
In the left was my all time favorite mobile suit called MS-18E Kaempfer and on the right was Gundam F91 (Harrison Mardin Custom). And since this is a paper model blog let me inform you, as far as I know there are only one model regarding the Kaempfer and its only the HEAD parts. As for the Gundam F91, you can check it in here, and you can customize the color since in my link the paper model came in the original color piloted  by Seabook Arno.  For the Kaempfer link I think it's already dead, or some one out there can tell me whether there is one designer who distributed Kaempfer paper model freely with whole body from head to toe. 
And as soon as the end of year coming I'm preparing my earn hard cash to hunts more Gundam action figures for my end year gift bonus. I always do this to appreciate my self by buying toys or action figures at the end of the year, just for fun and knowing that my inner child in me never dies. Like what the people always said BOYS WITH TOYS.

Dec 12, 2010

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit) - Video Link

For your information who missed our show on O Channel, Antho have recorded the TV show. And you can follow this link for chapter 1 and chapter 2. Please enjoy !!!

And I want to give you the most basic information about me, when you watch the video you might think that I'm a Balinese person, but I'm not. That's was just the way I speak and I'm 100% pure Betawi.

PERI in DKI 15 (Di Kota Ini 15 Menit)

 The picture above are courtesy of Dikki one of PERI member that took picture when PERI was aired in DKI 15 on O Channel. O Channel was a local TV that covered Jabodetabek area,so only PERI members that lived in those area can watched this show. Actually it was first aired on December 06th 2010, on 12.00 PM, and re run for the whole week after that. Thank you for Dikki for letting me used his pictured in this article.

And for the picture above was the shooting activity that took on my place. The shooting was at night from 7.30 pm till 9 pm in November 26th 2010. Thanks for Christopher, Antho, Yudhie, Imam, Ady Putra and Roy who came and bring their beautiful paper models. The highlight model was a huge Ondel Ondel by Ruang Antho.  Thanks for Ms Ocha from O Channel that contact PERI and gave us the opportunity to tell more people about this lovely hobby.


I know this already December, and as always my office is busy like hell. And with my new position my works is already up to my chin. But fear not I will keep updating this blog.

For the first post of this month I will give you another media coverage by Koran TEMPO which published on Sunday, November 28th 2010. Antho and Rauf got a night interview representing PERI with TEMPO reporter to give more people information and how to enter this lovely hobby.  And thank you for Antho by giving me permission to used his picture above.