Mar 21, 2011

PERI @ Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2011

Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2011 is an annual event that held every once in a year. On last year event I did not get the chance to visit the event due to personal matter. But on this year when PERI also invited to the event I pushed myself to attend this event that this year held at Balai Kartini. And here are the photo report form the event that took 2 days full from March 12 till March 13,2011.

Here are couple of photos that showed PERI booth at the event and the visitor event that already infected by papercraft virus.

 In this photo Arif Suseno showed us some tips and tricks how to make 3D model in Google Sketchup program.

Quick photos on how many paper models that PERI took for the event.

The booth in here showed are supervised by Vicky and Rico.

At the event I also shoot some photos of booth that made and sell actual size of Captain America shield and other super heroes gimmicks, such as Wolverine Iron Claws and Thor Hammer. The models looks very nice and have a good finishing touch, but the price are way out of my wallet capabilities.

Thanks for all PERI member that showed up and took participants in this lovely event. Hopefully PERI will get invited on the next year event.

PERI @ Mega Bazaar Computer 2011 with DATA PRINT

On March 13,2011, PERI have the opportunity to spread the papercraft virus by giving free workshop at site in DATA PRINT booth at Mega Bazaar Computer (MBC) 2011. And here are the photo report of the exhibition and the workshop that held at JCC Senayan.

Our paper toy in DATA PRINT booth at MBC 2011. Actually the paper toy already there from the beginning of MBC 2011 on March 9.

Above photos showed you the victim of our papercraft virus, that gladly cut, fold and glue the free pattern at DATA PRINT booth and give us the final result of their first ever paper toy.

And here are the photos of DATA PRINT staff member that also tried her first experience with paper toy building.

Many thanks for DATA PRINT for this lovely cooperation, and also to Roy Jalo that accompanied me during the event. Hopefully PERI and DATA PRINT will continue this good relationship in the future.

Photo Report : PERI Bandung @ Pradana Cipta Karya in UNIBI

On February 18 till February 20,2011, PERI Bandung have been invited to Pradana Cipta Karya. This is an event held by UNIBI (Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia) in Bandung. And I will give you the photo report of this event.

On above photo you can see the PERI Bandung member that helped this event went well. From left to right are : Anjar, Gilang, Angga, Idham and  Hafizh. Other PERI member that did not get the chance to be inthe picture is Tian Bachtiar.

Paper Replika Indonesia booth at the event.

And here are the winner of the workshop that PERI Bandung held at the vent and got free merchandise.

And the above picture showed you the workshop that PERI Bandung held at the event.

And in here you can see the booth at the first day of the event.

Many  thanks for all the PERI Bandung member that came and supported this event. And I hope PERI Bandung will get to held more event this year to spread the papercraft virus to the people.

Mar 9, 2011

PERI Events in March 2011

This month PERI have their schedule quite busy with three events that we will attend.
The first one is Jakarta Toys Fair from 12 till 13  March on Balai Kartini. In this event PERI got a booth that will display all his best paper model from every category (anime, paper toy, mechas, military,ETC.) The PIC for this event is Rauf and I think this going to be a huge event crowded with all toys freak from Jakarta and the surrounding area.

On March 13,2011 PERI along with DATAPRINT will held live workshop during the final day of Mega Bazar Computer 2011 at JCC Senayan. The event will exhibit our paper toy models with Indonesian and Urban culture themes. At this event PERI gota booth alongside DATAPRINT booth to display the model and will teach the visitor directly to build simple and cute paper toy. The PIC for this event is me and I will assist by Roy Jalo for the live workshop. PERI will start the workshop from 3 pm till 10 pm.

 And last but not least, PERI alongside HOTGAME as the host for HOTGAME Ville Event will display all the paper model that based on game characters on Gandaria City from 25 till 27 March 2011. At this event you will get to see our best paper model, especially from game characters. And for the PIC of this event is Arif Suseno and for the field coordinator will be Ilud. As for your information, not only you can taste the latest electronic games at this event but you will also be able to play traditional games. I'm sure it will bring a lot of good child memories for all of us.

There you go, a busy month after all for PERI. And we wish you to visit not only one but all the three event. As as surprise you might able to see Julius Perdana as a Scout Trooper at Jakarta Toys Fair. And like always Julius said May the Paper be with You