Sep 27, 2010

PERI Paper Model Coaching Clinic (Photo Report)

The first PERI Paper Model Coaching Clinic went quite well, the participants exceed our full capacity (41 people came to this event). Concept Magazine as the host overwhelmed  by the participants spirits. Although it's heavy rain and the traffic jam was very bad (these two things made me came late to this event) the event finally took off from 6.30 pm, 30 minutes off the scheduled 6 pm. Actually I can made it on time if my friend who supposed to took me there showed up, but he didn't. So poor me I have to take the taxi and you can guess how bad is Jakarta traffic jam while it's heavy raining. Big thanks to Rino Liha, Anto, Beta, Roi,Chris and Imam who helped me by tutoring all the participants. I guess this one is not the end, cause we will meet again in 2 months time for another great Coaching Clinic like this. All the picture credit goes to ROI and thanks for uploading it.  P.S: Boys and girls please don't try this at home for the latest picture, it's very bad for your paper model. 

Sep 14, 2010

PERI Paper Model Coaching Clinic

Together with Concept Magazine and Fuji Xerox as our partners, PERI (Paper Replika Indonesia) invite you all to our first PAPER MODEL Coaching Clinic. In this event you can upgrade your paper model building skills from PERI professional builder.  The event will take place in Concept Magazine office building on September 23rd 2010. For more information on this event you can visit it in here, from our web sites


For all Moslem all over the world GUDANG PAPERCRAFT ARDI wishes you HAPPY IED FITRI 1431 H, may ALLAH Swt blessing upon you and your loved ones. If there is a mistake during my blog post for the last year I want you to open your heart for forgiveness since I'm also an ordinary human that can made mistake. And to celebrate the festive, one of my paper model designer friend (M.Rian Rahardi) from have already released KETUPAT PAPERCRAFT, and you can download it in here. For your information, Ketupat is a traditional dishes that served during ID Fitri Festive in Indonesia.