Mar 21, 2012

Media Coverage : PeRI at Koran Jakarta

On March 21th 2012, after a quick session with Rauf Raphanus, PeRI got a newspaper Interview at Koran Jakarta. For those of you who wants to read the full article just please click in here. And thanks for Roy Royaje for the link of the full article.

Mar 20, 2012

Media Coverage: Interview on METRO TV (Video Link)

On March 20th 2012, PERI appeared on Metro TV WIDE SHOT. The Interview actually took around January 2012. So for those of you who did not get the chance to see it on TV,here is the video link of the interview in here. So do please enjoy it.

Mar 12, 2012

Photo Report : PERI at Kompas Muda 5th Anniversary and Toys Fair 2012

On March 10th 2012 PERI was a given a booth at Kompas Muda 5th Anniversary in Tribeca Park at Central Park Jakarta. I stopped by there to see my papermodel friends after a quite a while absence from event gathering.  And here are some photos of the event. Although it only last one day, I think the event went very well bu judging almost a sell out on the paper model template that PERI sold during the event.

The next day I attended Toys Fair 2012 located at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. At this event actually PERI had a booth from 10th March, but alas in Saturday i must go work at half day so I can't see the event. Here are some photos during the event in Toys Fair that really caught my eyes was a huge LEGO display featuring Star Wars Theme.

And as the main attraction at PERI booth was a Optimus Prime model build by Hendrawan, our paper modeller friends from Kalimantan. 

Others than that there is one model that I really wanted to see, it was Aile Strike Gundam designed and built by Rino Liha . Yes I admitted it, I'm a Gundam Freak, so I won't miss such beauty like this one.

So see you again guys until next post, hopefully not a long one.