May 26, 2010

PERI Bandung Coverage @ Kompas

Once again our friends over PERI Bandung got a newspaper coverage. This time is rather special, because they been invited exclusively and have a little interview with the reporter. After Youthporia 2010, some of PERI Bandung member such as Gilang Bhaskoro,Tian and Heppi Hutri interviewed by the reporter from Kompas. Unfortunately  I miss the paper edition on this article because it only appears in Kompas West Java edition that did not appear in national edition. I hope many people will get more interested in this hobbies especially the young generation in order to have our future generation as paper model builder or designer. Just click the first article and the second one, if you want to read it online. Many thanks for Gilang for his link and permission to use his picture.

May 24, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Mohamad Rian Rahardi

As you can see from the first picture above, that was my friend Mohamad Rian Rahardi or so called misterry in our forum first paper model design.He admitted that he just recently learned to design paper model around August 2009. Although one of its design being used without his permission during one of TV  music show awards he admitted that was one of his achievement. He earned a degree in Economy and this year he will get married soon. Many of his co worker already interested in paper model, but he admitted that there are not so many people willing to build it, they just want to see it done.Till now he already made about 12 paper model design and you can see all his design in his site at  

May 23, 2010

PERI Coverage @ Jakarta Post

Once again, PERI got a nice little article about our activity during our latest exhibition at Youthporia 2010. This time Jakarta Post as one of the leading English newspaper in Indonesia covered us in their Sunday Edition (May 23rd 2010). For those of you who didn't catch the paper edition, I will give you the link to the e-paper edition about the article. You can read it online through here.

May 18, 2010

PeRI @ Youthporia 2010


This time PERI was invited by Universitas Parahyangan Bandung to attend Youthporia 2010. So this time PERI exhibition was organized by PERI Bandung with member such as Heppy Hutri, Gilang Bhaskoro and Faisal Azad. They event took 2 days from 10 till 11 May, along with this event PERI held a small paper model workshop to show the visitor how to built simple paper model (PAPER TOY for instance). Our stand is one of the most crowded one and I'm happy to hear that. For the picture aboves I think some picture goes to Gilang Bhaskoro who also became one of the official organizer for this event. As our Heppy got his picture on KOMPAS newspaper in West Java edition and on May 20th will be interview by the same newspaper along with other PERI Bandung member

May 17, 2010

PeRI @ IDS Event : High School Year Book Competition

On May 08th 2010, IDS invited us again for High School Year Book Competition. In this event we held our paper model exhibition. In this event we introduce our wonderful hobby to high school student, hoping for a new generation of young people that follow our hobby. I once again can not attended this event due to some circumstances. I hope IDS and PeRI will make more events in the future in order to introduce our wonderful hobby to more people.

May 14, 2010

PeRI @ FASB Universitas Tarumanegara


From May 5 till 6,PeRI have been invited by Universitas Tarumanegara (UNTAR) to held an exhibition on FASB (Festival Apresiasi Seni dan Budaya) 2010 located on hall BC Campus II UNTAR located beside Mal Ciputra in Jakarta Barat. I my self helped the preparation for thee exhibition along with Rauf and Roy early in the morning before the event started. As you can see from the picture above our stand was among the most crowded one. I'm happy to see this, because more and more people attracted to this wonderfulhobby and hopefully there will be more people get caught by paper model virus. The picture above goes credit to me and Dikki.

May 13, 2010

PeRI Coverage @ KOMPAS

From my last post about our workshop event with HP. KOMPAS Muda as an integral part of  KOMPAS released about the event in their latest daily newspaper article. For your information, KOMPAS Muda is a KOMPAS section that published regularly every Friday that focused on young reader about their school and daily life. Usually KOMPAS Muda covered about the latest happening in Indonesian youth culture. Mr Ario Fitrianto from our forum took a screen shoot for this article and you can download it here if you want to read the whole article.

May 7, 2010

PeRI Workshop with HP

After a disappointing event at Balai Kartini, at last PeRI have a good exhibition and plus a paper model workshop with Hewlett Packard (HP) at SOHO Music in Senayan City on May 1st 2010. At this event HP and PeRI join together in their latest  product release, this time a printer. And at the end of the show HP gave us not just a goodie bag but also their latest printer, pardon me for not knowing the exact model. I hope this event will be a good start relationship with HP in the future. For the picture above I think the credit goes to Mr. Dikki or Mr Asiong, once again I can not tell the exact person because I'm still in Bandung visiting my family.

May 6, 2010

PeRI at Wardrobe 2010 March for Dimes

 Actually at the end of April starting Friday 30th, PeRI have an exhibition on Wardrobe 2010 March for Dimes in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. The event last for 3 days, but because one thing happened and we have a tight schedule for preparing workshop with HP at May 01 PeRI only attended the first day of the event.
You can see the picture above courtesy of Rino Liha and maybe Ricco, because I don't know who took the picture. But from this event at least we learned how to manage our event schedule more properly and  to pick the right event organizer.