Jul 27, 2011

PERI @ FGD Expo 2011

From July 21st till 24th 2011, Paper Replika Indonesia attended FGD Expo 2011. Located at JCC Senayan Jakarta, in KUKM booth we held free workshop at site, print our pattern and meet and greet with designer and builder. Actually this event is for business to business, but we managed to get invited due to our connection with creativity especially with paper. This event held large printing and packaging company from the industries also other creative firms and media.

Our banner and booth at the event. Many thanks for Bobby and Rauf to made this event happened.

Paper Toy attack in our booth !!!

Paper model and military paper model in our booth.

The pattern that we used for free workshop at site.

People excitement during our Free Workshop.

Our partner from Concept Magazine show his Red Angry Bird  in front of Yellow Dino art installation.

Paper Toys from indieguerillas that used in one of the participant booth.
All photos credit to me, Fajar, Rauf and Rizky.

Many thanks also for PERI member (Fajar,Rizky,Dikki Liem and etc) that came to visit  and helped our team. So keep up the spirit guys, and we will show the whole world the wonderful of paper model hobbies.

Jul 26, 2011

PERI Bandung Mini Gathering

From left to right : Egy and Samuel

 Gilang Bhaskara

From left to right : Dani Hamdani and Egy

From left to right: Tian Bachtiar, Yopi, Samuel and Faisal Azad

Last but not least from left to right Tian Bachtiar and Yopi.

Next week after PPKI 2011 on July 16th 2011, PeRI Bandung held their mini gathering at Simpang Dago area in Bandung. The member that did not get taken the pictures are Hafidz ,Idham adn Andjar. On the gathering they talked about their future event on ROCKHOUSE Community 2011 and AIESEC Cultural Camp both on July 23rd 2011.

Salute for PeRI Bandung for their effort on spreading papercraft virus. For the photo report of the event just wait on my blog, cause Gilang already promised me to share the photos of the event.

Jul 20, 2011

PERI @ Twitter !!!

Finally Paper Replika Indonesia has it's own official twitter account. All of you can follow PERI @perikertas
And for your information there are many forms to contact PERI as I described here below:

Website: http://www.perikertas.com/
Email : paper.replika.indonesia@gmail.com
Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/perikertas
Twitter : http://twitter.com/@perikertas/
Secretary Address :
Jl. Yunus III No. 13 RT 002 RW 006
Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta

So there are many ways to contact  PERI, so don't be hesitate.
Come and Join PERI and have FUN WITH PAPER !!!

Jul 19, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Imanda Budiman

After I promoted his cute Gatot Kaca Paper Toy, Imanda Budiman who designed it already create a new blog solely for update his paper craft design. Meet 25 years college student that studied Tekhnik Informatika as his daily basis.He began to make paper model since 2010 with Velociraptor as his first built.
And according to his experience Strike Freedom Gundam in SD form was his most difficult built.

Began to learned about paper model design in the middle of 2010,and his first design was Gatot Kaca like the picture above. Although he already spread papercraft virus to all his friends in college or around him actually there is no one get ever really infected by that virus. But if you want to get infected by all his cute paper toy design you can visit his blog Superibee and download your favorite one. For my personal opinion I think we going to see more beautiful paper toy design from him in the near future.

Jul 18, 2011

Photo Report : PERI @ PPKI (Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia ) 2011

On July 9th 2011, the last day of PPKI 2011 located on JCC Senayan Jakarta. Salazad.com was invited to make a Paper Toy workshop. So PERI Jabodetabek and Bandung  had a little gathering during and after workshop. Here are some photos taken by me and Adyputra.

From left to right (standing) : Idham Mahardhika, Yudhi, Vickde, me, Faisal Azad,Ady Putra and Rino Liha. Sitting in front was Rizky Feriansyah with his lovely daughter.

And we have another picture of Roy as an Instructor for the visitor who want to make their first paper Toy.

Faisal during the workshop. He was holding Papertoy Monster book that was the ultimate door prize for the best paper toy that made by the visitor during the workshop.

The visitor that made their first Paper Toy during the workshop.

Our little chit chat after the workshop ends.

For this workshop salazad.com have also made Punakawan ver 2.0 that was used as a collaboration with other creative community. If you want to download the Paper Toy just visit here. So if you want to have FUN with Paper just make PAPER TOY !!!

Jul 17, 2011

Photo Report : PERI @ Soundrenaline 2011 in Pekanbaru

On June 24-25th 2011, PeRI was invited to SOUNDRENALINE 2011 in Pekanbaru, Riau.And the lucky PERI member who gladly represent us was Antho and Roy from PeRI Jabodetabek and Arman from PeRI Makassar. And many thanks also for Timmy Ardianto from PeRI Pekanbaru who became a good host for our PeRI team while they were there.Here are some of the photos taken during the event. And all credit goes to PeRI team and Timmy Ardianto.

Roy became an Instructor for the visitor during night that want to try to make their own paper toy.

Booth preparation before the event.

Some of the paper toy, paper craft and paper model that displayed on PeRI booth.

Some of the proud visitor that showed their paper toy during their visit to our booth.

Peri Team, from left to right Roy, Arman, Timmy and Antho.
Many thanks guys. Hopefully after this event would spread more papercraft virus to Indonesian people.

Jul 15, 2011

It's Done and It's Huge !!!

Finally after 6 weeks of paper model building time, my first commission job it's finished. The client asked me to built Sleeping Beauty Disney Castle in A3  glossy paper. All I have to do is juts build it, because he already printed the pattern and the instructions.
For your Information, this beautiful model already on aired at TV Show Teenlicious from Global TV on July 10th 2011. The shooting itself took at my place along side with Rauf, Antho and Christopher Ryan. The crew interviewed us on June 22th 2011. But the model itself finished on June 26th, but I manage to present to the TV crew as per below picture.

After this commission job, I already took another one from the same client.So after this I think I'm gonna break a while all my personal paper model project to focus on the commission job.