Aug 24, 2010

More Freebies !!

Okay more freebies coming from my database. Those two books in the picture above originally for plastic model hobby. But as far as my concern you can apply the techniques and materials then  adjust it with paper model hobby.So without further notice please enjoy this link:

Advanced Terrain Modelling

How to Build Dioramas

Gift for My Self

On August 16th after I placed my order in I received my first commercial paper model. It took me about USD 20 for the goods and delivery charge from Chicago,USA to my office in Jakarta,Indonesia. The model was one of my favorite tanks from GPM called PANTHER. Obviously after made this step my hobby is getting more serious. It's not just one way to pass spare time anymore. Maybe some one would appreciate more by maybe buying the completed models from me.
Speaking about gift, I also have a little gift for all may blog readers. Just an update on my vast paper model collection, you can see it below this list.

MS-06S II Char's Zaku Custom






So do please enjoy it. On next posting I will give you more gift on books about weathering and diorama.

Aug 23, 2010

PERI @ Inspirasi Dorce Trans 7

On August 17th 2010, PERI had a small gathering at Rizky's house in Pasar Rebo. Actually I kind of lazy to go there, but because many of PERI member would like to see my first commercial paper model that I recently bought from the Internet so I dragged my self there. Arriving at Rizky's house around 9 AM the house is already crowded with many PERI member with their models also. Rauf said that the shooting will take place around 12 AM and meanwhile we're waiting I showed off my GPM Nr 40 that I bought from Inspirasi Dorce was a morning variety show host by "unique" Dorce Gamalama. The shooting went very well and because of the rain I stayed till afternoon waiting the rain to came off. But I'm happy I dragged my self there, because Rizky gave me his old military plastic models that he longer want to build. Thanks again bro, and for many coverage photos you can visit article in here

Aug 16, 2010

PERI Gathering @ Solaria Sky Dining Plaza Semanggi


It's almost a year from our first gathering back in September 2009 at Plaza Semanggi Food Court. So PERI Jabodetabek gathered again to refreshed their mind and to share some new tips and tricks in paper model design and building. On August 7th 2010 we gathered in Solaria Sky Dining at 10th floor at top of Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. It was fun, because this gathering we don't have to discuss about event or exhibition. So it just a fun gathering and we can have a lot to discuss, especially the upcoming one year of our community. But it does really made me surprise that one year ago we established this community and right now PERI had already member from many cities around Indonesia.
The theme for this gathering is MILITARY paper model,many member including myself brought their models. And the star of this gathering was Jules 1:1 scale SVD Sniper Rifle. It was made by Rauf and as by the picture above held by Bobby, another military freak in our forum. But I wasn't be able to attend the gathering till the end, because I have to go to my family in Bandung. So in the last picture I didn't appeared.
For other picture taken at the event, you can visit photo album in here     

Aug 12, 2010

My Latest Military Paper Model

The pictures above are my latest military paper model, taken by Mr Adhiwardhana on our last PERI Jabodetabek Gathering on August 07,2010. And to my humble opinion, those models are not quite enough satisfied me. My building skills is still way under those paper model builder in Europe. But, at least I will learn from my mistakes and becoming more proficient in paper model building. To share my knowledge and experience on Diorama buildings, I have wrote an article about it in here. So please check it out.

PERI Makasar First Exhibition

On early August 2010 it's official that's we had a PERI Makasar. Makasar it's one of the important city in Sulawesi island that located in East Indonesia. Yudhi Kistyarto with her lovely wife prepared a one day exhibition in his city. Although his condition is not 100% fit due the following traffic accident, with high spirit and very motivated he became a single fighter in terms of introducing this lovely hobby.
Many thanks to you and your lovely wife. And the exhibition turns out very success and I hope more people will realized that this a hobby is a fun activity for the whole family. For more of the pictures from the exhibition , you can visit his album in here.

Aug 10, 2010

RuangAntho @ Jakarta Souvenir Design Competition 2010

On August 5th 2010 I visited Pondok Indah Mall 2 at North Skywalk. There was a event called Jakarta Souvenir Design 2010 held by DKI Jakarta Chamber of Commerce with local authorities and sponsored by many mass media.I helped my friend Antho voted his design, the Ondel Ondel Papertoy. And it turned out that his design won the Public Favorite Awards as you can see the picture of the trophy above. Thanks for Antho for letting me post this wonderful news. I hope many Indonesian designer will follow his foot steps in order to make more people interested in this lovely hobby. If you want to know more about his design, please contact him in his blog.

Aug 5, 2010

PERI @ Radio DAHLIA 40th Anniversary

On August 1st 2010, PERI Bandung have been invited to celebrate Radio DAHLIA 40th Anniversary in Tegalega Square. DAHLIA is one of the popular radio in Bandung. PERI Bandung team held an exhibition and small work shop there. Although have to compete with live music performance, our booth attracted many visitors and this is a very good sign, because more people got interested with this lovely hobby. Thank you for Gilang and Idham who coordinated the event, and if you want more pictures of the evnts, you can check Gilang's photo album in here. Thank you again for Gilang by letting me use the photos above.

Aug 4, 2010

MSN 04 Sazabi Paper Model

For those of you who are willing to build this awesome mechas paper model. I suggest you visit this link. The paper model was MSN 04 SAZABI driven by Char Aznable, the arch rival of Amuro Ray in Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Char's Counterattack (first aired in 1988) . The mechas sure look very menacing with all red color and very intimidating weapons. I wrote this post cause one of my readers asked me about this specific paper model. So,why wait more, please visit the link and download it.

Aug 2, 2010

PERI @ HP Booth in Mother & Baby Fair 2010

HP invited us to helped their booth during Mother & Baby Fair 2010 held in Balai Kartini from July 31 till August 01, 2010. For this event the PERI team (Roy, Rauf and Christo) made something very special. They made 1,5 meter tall Teddy bear Paper Model. I raised my hat off and saluted them in their effort to made the paper model. As for the event I saluted Rizky for his effort by providing transportation and watching our paper model almost one full day at the last day of the event. Thanks you BRO, without you all this things can never happened. If you wondered how PERI team managed to built this huge paper model, you can visited Rauf photo album in here. And thank you again for Rizky for allowing me to published the pictures during the event. Also one good news PERI welcomed their youngest member from Arif who just recently had a little baby boy ,congratulations BRO, hopefully this will bring more joy to your family.