Dec 31, 2009


For all my readers I will give you something special as my year end gift. Please check below for the list of all Gundam Paper Model that I have uploaded in 2009.

RX93 Nu Gundam

Destiny Gundam

Gundam Hazel

Hi-Nu Gundam

Gundam MK II RX-178 AEUG Color

Gundam RX78 Evolve Version

MSZ-006-3Z Gundam Zeta White Unicorn Version

Gundam ZII

Gundam Z

Gundam RX-78-NT-1 “ALEX”

Gundam Hyaku Shiki

RGM 79 GM Powered

RGC 80 GM Cannon

BIG Gundam Hi Nu

Gundam FA 78-1

Gundam F91

Gundam X

RX-78-2 Gundam Scale 1/60

Strike Freedom Gundam

Gundam Wing Zero

MSZ 006z Zeta Gundam Scale 1/60

There you go, hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do. See you again in 2010.

Dec 25, 2009

Paper Model Tools

At the end of the year I will give you my WAR GEAR for my daily Paper Model activity. As you can see in the picture above, the tools simply put it can be display on a single A4 cutting mat.
So there you go my readers, if you are wondering how many tools that I use to make wonderful Paper Model you can guess from the picture above.

Dec 24, 2009

Paper Model is A GREEN HOBBY

Do you realize that we live in a beautiful world ?? In order to maintain that gift from GOD we as human nature must preserve our natural resources. So why not do some GREEN HOBBY?? But how about paper model. Is it a Green Hobby ? Of course it is. The main reason that we use the material that can be recycled by mother nature. As for paper we also can used recycled paper or waste paper that many office duties produced daily. So right now for all paper model and designer please put this in your mind. By doing this hobby we also help our mother nature stay GREEN.

Dec 23, 2009

Black in News : Paper Replika Indonesia

Finally after the media coverage all the way back in August 2009 as my previous post, finally RCTI already aired Black in News edition with Paper Replika Indonesia in it. The shows aired on November 22, 2009 at 11.30 pm. Even I as the one who interviewed didn't catch the chance to see the show, I was too busy with my other projects. So I assume the year 2009 closed with many good things for PeRI as a melting pot community for all paper model builder and designer in Indonesia. The track record is very nice as you will see in my next post. So please wait for it.

Dec 15, 2009

HAI Next GEN Magazine Scans

As my promise from this previous post, I give you the magazine scans from PeRI designer that HAI next GEN covered. The first design by cerebrave (ARIF) was Nortrom the Silencer from DOTA Hobi Kit Kertas (his papercraft site) and the second was Yotsuba by 88ping(Liem Khou Ping/OM Ping). Please check those link above, I separated the scans in order if you want only one design.

Dec 14, 2009

Paper Replika on MAXIM Magazine Scans

As for my previous post, with this I give you the magazine scans for Paper Replika interview on MAXIM November 2009. Please do follow this link, cause I already uploaded it. For HAI NEXT Gen magazine scans please wait for a while. Sorry for the long wait, due to my office duty at the end of the year, I barely have the time to update my blog.

Dec 6, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (4)

In this last tutorial I will give you the ilustration when the box almost done. If you can see the first picture it shows you when you almost put all the piece to form a box. Remember when you inserted the paper model in the box you have to make it fixed by gluing it with all purpose glue such as UHU in the base of the box.
For the last piece of the acrylic you have to make sure that the air will not go trough the box. After that you can tear awy the outer warp of the acrylic so that the finished box will look like the last picture. For this tutorial I would like to thanks to Antho who provide all the pictures and Imam for the demonstration. Without you guys, this tutorial will never exist.

Dec 5, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (3)

Weclcome again to Acrylic Box Tutorial. In this part I will show you how to form a box.
In the first picture you can see you have to peel the inner wrap of acrylic. Don't forget to do, because if you do you have to tear apart again the box and will take more time.
In the second picture please prepare the cotton bud along with Acrylic Glue. And in the last picture show you how to apply acrylic glue in order to bond the acrylic to form a box. Do it like you apply glue to paper model. Make sure one side and the other glued tightly, because we don't want any air get through in the box. If that happen, it will make your paper model deteriorate in terms of color. Remember if already fixed please wait till the glue dried, aproximately about 10 to 15 minutes. And on the next tutorial (the final one) I will give you the box picture and some of the paper model that already been boxed by Antho and Imam.
All picture are credits to Ruang Antho.

Acrylic Box Tutorial (2)

For this second tutorial I will give you the ilustration about cutting acrylic. After you measured your paper model and have the exact desire measurement for your box, use the plastic scribber along with the iron ruler to cut the acrylic.
The last picture show you how to cut the acrylic. Remember to use hard material or multiplex as cutting mat when doing this. One tips when cutting the acrylic : YOU HAVE TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. As shown in the first picture, the acrylic will slowly break apart by showing its white parts. So do it over and over again till the acrylic break off.
Please remember to put saftey as your first concern, plastic scribber its very sharp. So do it with your full strength but also be carefull when cutting it.
Next tutorial will be gluing together the part to form a box. All the picture are credits to Ruang Antho.

Nov 24, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (1)

In order to make your finished paper model secure from any harm, I recommend you to make Acrylic Box. In order to do that I will give you step by step tutorial beginning with the material and tools that we used to make the box.

1. Acrylic
This material available at your nearest household stores. My recommendation if your paper model height is less than 20 CM used 2 mm thickness. There are many thickness for Acrylic. As long as I know you must used 3 MM thickness or more if your paper model height is more than 20 CM. WHY ?? Because if you used 2 MM thickness for your 20cm or more papermodel in height, the box can not stand it's own height.

2. Plastic Scribber
Buy this tools also at your nearest household store or hobby kit. There are many range of price for plastic scribber, my suggestion buy the cheapest one if you occasionally make the box. But if you want to make the box more often, buy the best one and also comes with the highest price.

3.Acrylic Glue
This glue is special because it will make the acrylic stick together. My suggestion is to search for the store that sell this glue in one package along with acrylic so you don't have to worry to search it elsewhere. But if you want to buy it, you can also go to your nearest chemical store.

4.Cotton Bud
Used this to apply Acrylic Glue, because this glue is a danger chemical liquid.

5. Pen and Iron Ruler
Used the pen and Iron ruler to measure your paper model height,width and length in order to achieve the box measurement. Also used iron ruler along with plastic scribber when you cut the acrylic . Remember used only Iron Ruler, plastic ruler will cause damage to your ruler and may take harm to your finger while doing it.

The pic above was the courtesy of Ruang Antho.
See you in the next tutorial.

Nov 18, 2009

PeRI on HAI Next Gen

Today I grab my self one copy of HAI Next Gen, for your information two of PeRI member Paper Model have been chosen for bonus from this magazine on the article titled PAPER REPLIKA. The paper model was Nortrom The Silencer (by cerebrave) and Yotsuba (by 88ping). Unfortunately I don't find any model from julescrafter for his Ichigo. I will updated this news as soon as I scans the whole article. Just wait and see.

Nov 17, 2009

IndoComtech 2009 Supported Sponsor

The picture above shows my ID tag and some merchandise from our supported sponsors. Thanks for who already came all the way from Bandung and made some Pin and sticker for PeRI. And many thanks for DATA PRINT who already printed our banner and supported us with their paper for our paper model Booth Stand and also some merchandise bags during our live main stage performance.

Nov 11, 2009

Paper Model from IndoComtech 2009 (2)

From top to bottom are a bunch of paper model from PeRI booth in IndoComtech 2009. These photos taken on Sunday 8th November 2009, as IndoComtech 2009 last day. The booth display many models, but as usual Patlabor and Gerobak Bakso its the main attraction.
All the photos except for Gerobak Bakso are courtesy of

Nov 9, 2009

Gudang Papercraft Ardi on IndoComtech 2009 (2)

PeRI first day @ IndoComtech 2009 was Friday 6th November, we had a Live Demo Building dan Paper Model Design on the Fly at Plenary Hall Main Stage JCC Senayan Jakarta. The picture above was taken by Adhi Papercraft as one of PeRI member. And if you want to know his full field report for this event just click your mouse wheel to his blog. Thanks to all PeRI member (Om Ping,Julius,Adhi,Sony,Imam,Rauf and Dini) who supported the first event.

Nov 8, 2009

Paper Model from IndoComtech 2009 (1)

Above picture was my latest paper model from Salazad Papertoy line. This character was one of the Punakawan who serves righteous knight in Sundanese Wayang. His name was DAWALA. The original size for this papertoy comes in A4. But for IndoComtech I made something special, the right model shows you A5 version (PeRI staff used it for booth display). As a gift for the designer who already came all the way to Jakarta fromBandung I choose A6 version (the left model). Its very challenging and for your information this model came by a simple human mistake. I printed the pattern on Digital Print as my regular place to go when I want to make paper model. But the officer in there mistakenly print the pattern in A6 version, after I look it for a while I said to myself " hmm I can do this" and the morning before I went to IndoComtech 2009 for the last time on Sunday 8th November 2009 I made this model. It only took about 30 minutes to complete it. So thanks for Salazad who already took the picture above and I hope he will make more very interesting paper toy. HATUR NUHUN PISAN.

Nov 5, 2009

Paper Replika covered in MAXIM Magazine

I bought myself one copy of MAXIM (Indonesia) November Edition. For your information paper- founder and one of PeRI member Julius Perdana got himself a nice little interview about a month ago. The interview turns out to be 6 pages full of colorful pages of built paper model and simple tutorial to enter this hobby. The article name is THE REPLICANT OTHERS : MEMBUAT SEBUAH MODEL KIT DARI KERTAS. I will not scan the whole interview, but for you all PeRI member can get your self to read this Maxim issue cause I will bring it to IndoComtech 2009 around 5 pm on Saturday 7th November 2009. BUT REMEMBER TO RETURN IT TO ME,BECAUSE ITS FOR DOCUMENTATION.

Nov 4, 2009

Gudang Papercraft Ardi on IndoComtech 2009 (1)

As one member of PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia), gadget 92 or also known as Gudang Papercraft Ardi will be attending IndoComtech as one of the teacher in Papercraft Workshop Building on Saturday 7th November 2009 from 7.30 pm till 9 pm. Other than that I will also perform live demo building in the Main Stage on Sunday 8th November 2009 from 11 am till 1 pm. Oh how life turns very fast, as far as I remember my last visit to IndoComtech was last year. Just wondering around to see some nice gadget and hopefully will bring some good memories. I never expected that I will visiting IndoComtech again as a papercraft builder who share his knowledge and perform his skills in front of many eyes. For me it's a break trough and I hope this will lead me for a better life and new experiences for many years to come.

Oct 29, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) @ IndoComtech 2009

Please do drop by us at IndoComtech 2009 between 6 till 8 November 2009. PeRI will open workshop for Paper Model Building and Design, for more information please check this link.

Oct 27, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) Official T Shirt

In order to help my friends in PeRI who have a good Idea about our official T Shirt, please do drop your pre order for this item on this link. Make sure you all follow the instruction written by our beloved TS, Rauf. So what are you waiting for ?? Order fast because it's a limited edition.

Oct 24, 2009

Papercraft Designer Profile : Yudho Wiratomo

Yudho Wiratomo (Yuthdaw) is the one who designed Tugu Monument in Yogyakarta. This is his latest design in papercraft, his first design was M1A1 Abrams. He knew papercraft since he was 4th grader. From Majalah Angkasa he built F-16 as his first papercraft. Although he still doing his Final Assigment for Universitas Gadjah Mada major in Geophysics, he still manage to learnt papercraft design. Black Pearl ship from the motion picture The Pirates of Caribbean : Curse of The Black Pearl was his masterpiece papercraft as you seen above. The other one was Sagres II from Canon Papercraft and 1/6 Scale SWAT Team from
His favorite papercraft designer is Julius Perdana form, because all his model was great design and FREE TO DOWNLOAD. He already engaged with his girlfriend and prepared to get married soon. And his girlfriend already effected by his papercraft virus, also his friends and younger brother.

Oct 23, 2009

Paper Model Packing Tutorial

Here are the simple Papercraft Packing Tutorial for those of you who wants to bring your papermodel for PeRI Gathering or even long trip journey like my self to Bandung. The above picture show about my packing during my visit to Bandung. You can easily follow these 3 steps. Starting from the last picture to the first one.

1. Put Your Papercraft inside a carton packages
According how big or how many your model are you can simply use an carton packages. Wheter it small or big. In this case I use a big one cause I bring many papermodel with me as agift for my family in Bandung. Always used a separator between model. And after that stuffed it with shredded paper form old newspaper in order to make the model still and do not contact with others to avoid any damages.

2. Put Another Level of Security
In my case because the carton box is rather big after I put my model on the package I also put another shredded paper above the model till the box full with shredded paper that acts as a cushion also to avoid any further damage along the trip.

3. Voila, your packing is ready and good to GO
After that you can seal your packing by using any home seal tape. And please remember no matter how good your packing are, ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF THIS PACKAGE GENTLY.

Oct 21, 2009

Papercraft Designer Profile : Moch Faisal Azad

Moch. Faisal Azad a.k.a Salazad is a Papercarft designer from Bandung,Indonesia. He began to enter papercraft world around 2005 just by downloading and built some model from the internet. His first built papercraft was ASTRO BOY by Japanese designer. He began learning papercraft design around 2008 and till now he still exploring in order to make a better one sheet technique design. As you notice from the picture above that his papertoy design is built around Indonesian culture, such as Reog Ponorogo,Gatot Kaca and Cepot (and this is his first design). When asked why ? He simply said that he want to make his design look unique and to add more value whether is from culture background or shape. Belive it or not his educational background is Management, and he proud to say that he already spread papercraft virus from his family to his co worker. And last but not least he is still single at age 31. For his achievement in papercraft you can see the details below :

Grinspoon - Comeback (Music Video) - Australia (September 04,2009)
CreatiFest w/ SMU 7 JKT (Seven Lattern Crew) - Pendopo Kemang - Jakarta (August 09,2009)
Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif w/ Paper Replika - Indonesia (August 07,2009)
Kidz Magz-Magazine, Indonesia (July 10,2009)
II Love #2 - E-Book,Croatia, Marko Zubak (June 26,2009)
Semar, Ever so Smartly - Book - Indonesia, Gregory Churchill (June 05,2009)
Provocative Day - Jakarta, Provoke Magz & Binus International (May 16,2009)
Luna Magazine # 16 - Germany (Summer 2009)
Arts & Crafts Workshop - Parahyangan University Bandung w/ Gilbhas and Sasha (April 20,2009)
Paper Toy & Pop- Out Show- Pink Hobo Gallery Minneapolis U.S. ( April 18,2009)

For those of you who want to visit his website, just visit

Oct 19, 2009

PeRI (Paper Replika Indonesia) 2nd Official Gathering

On October 17th 2009 from 10 AM till 3 PM at Plaza Semanggi Food Court, PeRI held its 2nd Official Gathering. The main event is to continue our preparation for IndoComtech events. So the above picture is the selected logo for Paper Replika Indonesia. The logo have been selected by voters that visit And moving to the next parts, in this gathering almost 20 people shows up. The main reason is that around 2 PM PeRI also had an interview by Planet Remaja ANTV. So there are many models that the builder brought for this gathering and the flagship model for this gathering is Vespa Scooter by Dikki (nong dike). For high resolution picture you can visit ADHI Gallery. Also for those of you who wants to read the field report, you can visit his note in here.

Oct 17, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile : Ario Fitrianto

For those of you PeRI member that wonder who is Ario Fitrianto ?? His nickname in our thread is k4k45h1. And I got my self a little interview by FB message with him. Still young at early 20's,currently a college guy and still preparing his final assignment at IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor). He began to know papercraft when he found Gundam Hazel and Gundam MK V PDO file at his friends flash disk. FYI,PDO file is the file that you use to built papercraft model. It stands for Pepakura Document Opener (pepakura is the way Japanese people said for papercraft). Ok back to the topic. His first built papercraft model was two cute cat that you can see here right below his post. For his masterpiece papercraft he said maybe his Modified Gunwalker (above picture). For his achievement in papercraft he almost entered his Wall E papercraft for Chibi Matsuri event held by Onigiri but unfortunately he missed the deadline. He proudly say that he already spread "papercraft virus" to his college friends and cousins.

Oct 12, 2009

Ondel Ondel A4 Version

Those pictures above are the final result for my little story while I'm gone to Bandung. As I promised I finished for both gender model (Male Ondel Ondel and Female Ondel Ondel). Please do enjoy it. The papertoy stayed in Bandung as a gift for my father's in law and kept in a glass cabinet, safe from any harms.

Oct 11, 2009

Cutting Papertoy Ondel Ondel from Jakarta to Bandung

The picture above will tell you about my little story went I go to Bandung on October 10th 2009. The tools that I brought from my home are : Cutter Pen and two tweezers. This article is to encourage all of papercraft builder that you can also cut your Papertoy pattern while on the bus or even in urban mode transportation (Angkot).

6.15 AM
Went straight from home to Bus Way shelter at Kebon Jeruk which is located in front of Kompas Gramedia building. I only paid Rp 2,000 for Bus Way fare because its cheaper before 7 AM.
6.38 AM
The bus arrived and I'm on my way to Lebak Bulus Terminal in South Jakarta.
6.59 AM
Arrived at Lebak Bulus Terminal
7.05 AM
I choose the bus to Bandung which is Prima Jasa and have my breakfast with omelet along with a bottle of fresh green tea. The fare from Jakarta to Bandung is Rp 45,000 and I got my self an Executive Economy Bus with AC but no TOILET.
7.20 AM
Off from Lebak Bulus terminal and begin cutting my Papertoy pattern
(I choose Ondel Ondel in A4 version).
8.15 AM
Arrive at Rest Area KM 39 Cikampek Highway and already finished cutting my Male Ondel Ondel pattern.
9.30 AM
Arrive at Padalarang and I finished my rest (Sleeping on the Bus)
10 AM
Arrive at Bandung in Terminal Leuwi Panjang.
10.30 AM
Began cutting Ondel Ondel Female pattern on Angkot to Soreang from Terminal Leuwi Panjang
It's hot and the traffic is killing me but I'm just enjoying it, rather to get angry with the traffic.
11 AM
Finished cutting Female Ondel Ondel pattern around SMA ANGKASA in Sulaiman Airport Complex at Margahayu.
11.45 AM
Arrived at my destination to meet my wife and daughter at Pesantren Persis 34 Soreang.

Along the journey I can share you this simple tips and tricks. Use 3 S (Steady, Slowly, Sure). Be steady while doing it but you have to be sure when cutting it and do it slowly because you don't want to ruin your papermodel don't you ??

Oct 9, 2009

Simple Papermodel Tips

While Cutting Your Parts :
Use your cutter pen to cut all the parts, get your hand to feel the movement of the cutter pen. Remember Practices makes Perfect. One tips for me if you are a beginner in this hobby used both cutter pen and scissor, you can use scissor for the round or curve parts. From my experience I also use scissor to tidy up my parts after cut by cutter pen.

While Doing Your Scoring :
Use the back tip of your cutter pen or cutter to make scored along the lines. Don't use a ruler if the parts is small. Use the ruler if only the parts is far too long. Use only iron ruler, if you used plastic ruler the result will be a mess because your cutter pen can do damage to the plastic.

While Assembling Your Parts :
Don't over use the glue, the parts will get more sticky and you will find it hard to adjust it if you made a mistake along the way. After you already assembled the parts, use cotton bud and damped it little water and used it to cleaned the left over glue in your model. After this you can do it with the cotton bud but with no water. Remember if you print your patterns with Inkjet printer I recommend you skip the process with damped cotton bud and go straight with dry cotton bud.

After The Model is Finish :
You can spray it with clear acrylic lacquer spray paint, you cand find it in your Local Workshop Store ask for P***X brand with code 128 Clear or RJ L****N. Put your model in Acrylic Box or Mica Box, for Mica Box Tutorial you can check page one on

Oct 4, 2009

Betawi Traditional ART : ONDEL-ONDEL

The picture abve was my latest Papercraft creation. In there you will find Ondel- Ondel Lelaki and 100K Rupiah paper Money. The Ondel-Ondel pattern I got it from my friend as a fellow papercraft designer and you can download it through his site in here. And for the paper money I got it from For more information on Ondel-Ondel as Betawi Traditional Art, you can check the explanation by Wiki Indonesia in here. As for your information Ondel Ondel consist of Ondel-Ondel Lelaki (Male) and Ondel Ondel Perempuan (Female). I already made for both of gender, but only for the Male I have the opportunity to take the picture. The picture above taken form my friend camera. Thanks ANTHO.

Sep 29, 2009


Origami Warriors (Taiwanese translation: Origami Fighters, Chinese: 摺紙戰士, Japanese: 折紙戦士, 聖天折紙戦士ドラファラード(仮), Korean: 접지전사.) is a Taiwanese manga series created by Jhou, Sian-Zong (周顯宗) in Ching-Win Publishing (青文出版社), Hong Kong/Taiwan (1990). It appeared as an anime series in Japan and Taiwan in 2005, and in South Korea on January 2006. It airs on Mainichi Broadcasting System in japan,SBS (Korea) in South Korea, and on Chinese Television Service in Taiwan. Origami Warriors merchandise was originally made by Tomy and was released by Nikkei in Japan. The show is about Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, and the legendary Dark Victory. The protagonist and his friends use the origami creations that come to life to fight the Wallpaper Robot Warriors. This show takes place in the setting of Wallpaper Robot, home to humans, anthropomorphic animals, and robots. Using the legendary Origami Warriors, Asia enters a tournament battle. The original look of the Origami Warriors character was based on Wallpaper Robot, but the belt buckle was replaced with a "friend fighter". and next series of Origami Warriors G (Origami-Fighters Generation), make of comic book called by Ching-Win Publishing. All series from Taiwan translate as all viewing to Origami Warriors series release.

The anime review above was taken from

So if you want to teach your children to learn about papercraft hobby why don't you join e\with then watch this Anime Series. It's already aired in Indonesia at SPACE TOON every Monday to Friday at 6.20 PM. So have fun, because I did watch it my 3 years old daughter and she enjoyed it very much, because of that she wants me to built 3 cute character from Cubee Craft.

Sep 28, 2009

HAI Magazine Scans

Alhamdulillah on Monday I finally bought HAI Magazine which covered PeRI on their Community Section. And the news coverage done by Rahmat Budiman (MATE) is very nice indeed,as a fellow writer I give the news coverage my thumb up. Well coverage, good picture and explanations and also with young accent because this magazine is intended for teenager. Please enjoy the picture above.

Sep 26, 2009

Paper Replika covered in PC Mild (Edited)

One of PeRI member which is got news coverage in PC Mild tabloid in the Actual Bookmarks section. From my personal experiences PC Mild is one of well known PC tabloid in Indonesia. Anyway congrats for Julius for his achievement. For all PeRI member please be patient I will scan the news as soon as I get the copy of the tabloid.

Here you go the Scans form Tabloid PC Mild that I bought on Monday. Please enjoy it.

Sep 24, 2009

Papercraft Types and Models

For those of you who early in this hobby you might be wondering about Papercraft types and models. I will explain it to you as per below description.

It's the terms for papercraft models which consist about one till three pages of pattern with simple design. This type of models can be build by simply putting together all the flaps (i.e. Cubeecraft models) or a combination between putting all the flaps and little glue (i.e. Salazad models). It really suits for the beginner and attracts children who wants to experiment with paper without the hustle to build difficult models. Estimated time to build the models about 30 minutes till 1 hour.

This kind of papercraft usually consist with pattern that will allow you to build the models that can be move by simple engineering activity (i.e. rolling or spinning). For example of this Papercraft you can see at special section on automata in here. Estimated time to build the models range from 1 hour to 2 hour.

This type of models usually takes on robots and mechas for their main objective. Many Gundam mechas usually designed by Japanese or South Korean designer takes on this type of models. Usually the pattern consist about 4 till 15 pages and have higher difficulty from Papertoy or Automata Papercraft. From my personal experiences if you want to built it right you can spend almost 2 weeks time.

As already known from the names this type of models take on almost any military object. You named it and almost any designer already released their model about it. From tanks, aircraft plane,war ship planes, armored vehicle, rocket launcher,submarines till military figure or soldier like Paper Soldier. This type of models need little more attention and range of difficult is about the same with SD Papercraft. But for war ship planes the difficulty rates above all other papercraft models. As I can tell from my experiences this type of models may consist flaps or non flaps in its pattern. For aircraft plane models it's even consist inner frame to make better models.
So if you already experienced many types of papercraft models I suggest you should try military papercraft, because it's very challenging and time consuming, but in the end the built models worth every effort you put in it.

Sep 23, 2009


Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum, Minal Aidin wal Faidzin. With this me and my family would like to say HAPPY IED FITRI 1430 H, may Allah SWT bless us through all the year and hope we will meet again with Ramadhan next year and repeat the same IED FITRI festivity.

Sep 15, 2009

Papercraft : Gundam and Paper Soldier Series

The picture above was my latest addition for Papercraft Model. The first one taken from Paper Soldier Series ( which shows you Densus 88 (Indonesian Anti Terorist Squad) and GSG 9 (Germany Border Police). The second one taken from Cubic Character, one of my favorite Gundam papercraft designer. the model was SD RX-178 Gundam MK II from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam anime series.

Sep 14, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: A. Adiwardhana Widjajanto

First of all the picture above tell you about the story how Adhiwardhana Widjajanto (Adhi) came across with this hobby. First of all he have a lot of money so he decided to buy PSP console game via Internet. But by accident he ended up at Creativity Park Canon ( and Paper Replika ( Soon after that he built his first (actually there are 3) papercraft model : Buldozer Komatsu D155AX, H-II A Rocket and Red TransJakarta. These first models he began to built it a week before Ied Fitri (Lebaran) 2008. He also optimized his 2 weeks holiday for Ied Fitri 2008 to began his second wave of papercraft models starting with Tower Bridge,Arc de Triomphe,Suzuki Swift ( and ARC-170 Fighter (began with this model he also made contact with Julius Perdana as the model designer).

After this papercraft build rally, he began building models when ever he finds the time to do it.
Mostly his models came from Canon (for "best instruction" reason) and Paper Replika (because he wants to be the first to built rare models). He also experienced sabbatical leave from papercraft building around January 2009 due to his office building relocation. But after that he went on again and at least he built one model for a month. Confessed he already addicted to this hobby, try this fact : spent 4 hours on food court Mall to built Densus88 (Black Version) and cutting his mat for Ingram Maintenance Facility while waiting his wife shopping in the market parking lot. He already succeed spreading this papercraft virus to his father and brother in law (although he output he seems doesn't know for sure). His model became the majority when Paper Replika was invited to Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif 2009 (August 7-9, 2009) and that was when I first met him. He did this to encourage himself and to spread more papercraft virus.

His Masterpiece model was ARC-170 Fighter because he said it was the most difficult model for beginner. And for AV 98 Ingram (Patlabor) he built it with so much high spirit because Patlabor was his best anime from his childhood till now. When asked if he wants to became a commercial builder he would gladly do it. But not in order to pursue the amount of money, but to show to everyone else that this hobby can make some extra money too. And lastly you will not believe that his education background was from Electric Techno in Computer, but when asked if he wants to become a papercraft designer he seems doesn't want to think it seriously right now, maybe because he already reach the age 35 and have to manage time wisely to take care his family and two kids.

Sep 13, 2009

Papercraft Builder Profile: Purwo Kusumaning Dianto

The picture above (Gerobak Bakso) was a masterpiece from my friend as a fellow Papercraft builder. His name Purwo Kusumaning Dianto (ANTHO). He began this hobby from 2007 and Viking Sail Ship was his first papercraft model although he can't show this model to everyone because it's already ruined. He also said in his interview that he took 3 days annual leave from his job to make paperavatar, but then he said again this only happens due to his campus on Final Test so he have plenty time to do the model. Right now at the age of 30 he's already married and still taking Sistem Informatika at Budi Luhur University. From the picture above he proudly said that he prefer Indonesian papercraft designer, and if you want to stop by his blog you can visit him at