Mar 30, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Imam Sujugo

Zoids Command Wolf was his first design in papercraft. Please meet Imam Sujugo or also known as ichigo190 in our forum. He made this design because the plastic model kit of Command Wolf was too expensive. Still searching for new tricks in designing papercraft, because he became a papercraft designer under one year studies. Single at the age of 27, he already spread this papercraft virus to his big brother and cousin. His education background is an Associate Degree and once again I don't know from which major.
He built his first papercraft when he was in Junior High School and it was an airplane from Angkasa Magazine. He is proud that from this hobby he can represent PeRI as a Workshop Instructor in Central Park Event on late February 2010. His masterpiece was a Choper motorcycle from Yamaha Papercraft website. And last but not least if you wan to know all about his passion and his latest design,please visit his blog at  Kertas Igo.

PeRI Official Website

Paper Replika Indonesia (PeRI) right now have an official website. The name of the web site is You can log in there and have our latest news and upcoming events. Also you can learn about paper model history and tons of tips and tricks from well known builder and designer.

Papercraft Designer Profile : Liem Kou Phing

The pic above was Liem Kou Ping first papercraft design with 3D computer program. He learned papercraft design when Angkasa Magazine held a paper model contest.. His first design was a scratch build F-16 fighter plane for Angkasa Magazine contest back in 1995. Back at grade 5 in Elementary School he first knew about this hobby. He began with aeromodelling so obvious that his first paper model was an airplane. He started to focus on aeromodelling till he saw Angkasa Magazine contest in 1995 and back to this hobby. His education background is a Bachelor Degree but I don't know from  which major. Right now at the age of 40 with two kids he had a small business that one of its component based on his knowledge from paper model design and building. By the way his nick name in our forum is 88ping and if you want to check his passion in papercraft do please visit his blog at Model Kertas

Mar 28, 2010

PeRI Won 1st Prize for Laptop Si Unyil 3rd Year Anniversary

Trans 7 celebrated 3rd Year of Laptop Si Unyil with huge celebration on March 13th 2010. One of the event that was held is a Creativity Challenge to replicate Si Unyil from many materials (such as stone, foam, cake or anything). PeRI join this event with Si Unyil Paper Model designed by Julius Perdana from On this event PeRI representative were Rauf Raphanus and Roy Sitompul.
And the result is we won the 1st Prize for this challenge, for more on this news you can also check this link.

Mar 26, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul

This cute baby Taz Paper Toy is my friend first design. His name is Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul, but in our paper model forum his nick name is jalokx. At the age of 10 he made his first paper model which is a plane from a cigarette box. But he seriously do this hobby since he bought Apocalypse comic book in 2009 with a paper model bonus inside of it. His masterpiece was when he built drive through, gas station and parking post for BCA Flazz commercial. He said he was proud that his work put on large billboard in Jakarta. He learned paper model design when he assisted Julius Perdana ( in order to complete the BCA commercial. Beside BCA commercial his highest achievment in paper model that he showed up in Dahsyat RCTI and Laptop Si Unyil Trans7.
His papercraft virus already infected to his little brother, and judging by his age now at 24 I'm expecting more design comes from him. Living single and always happy and believe it or not his educational background is Manajemen Informatika Komputer. For more of his design and passion in paper model you can visit St Craft Warehouse
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Mar 24, 2010

Paper Replika and Salazad on Republika

On March 13th 2010, Paper Replika (PR) and Salazad got almost 1 page article in Republika. For your information Republika is one of recognizable daily newspaper in Indonesia. In this article they shared their knowledge and experience on papercraft. I'm also glad while reading this article that finally Salazad tell the media about copyright in papercraft, it's very important. Although most of our models are free but you can not use it for commercial purpose without an agreement from the designer.

Salazad also got a little surprise that ARTi magazine in Edisi 025 Year II/March 2010 wrote about papercraft as another form of paper art. For your information ARTi magazine it's been long acknowledged by people as one of the leading art magazine. I'm glad that people also appreciate this as an art not only as a hobby.

Mar 12, 2010

PeRI Bandung in Fold: Offline

When PeRI Jabodetabek held an event in Central Park, PeRI Bandung also participate in Fold Offline / / Kopi Darat on February 27, 2010. In this event Salazad and Idham Mahardhika from Bandung made a workshop about paper toy. This event held with Fold Magazine cooperation . In this workshop the participants learn about how to made paper toy from character design till construction. You can check the picture above for some of the workshop activity. All pictures credit goes to Salazad. Thank you again for PeRI Bandung for this event, hope many cities will follow to make the same workshop.