Jan 2, 2013


Happy New Year 2013 to all paper modeller in the world. Why LAST POST ? Because as time goes by my position in the office as Export Junior Manager as per 2013 took almost every ounce of my energy for paper modelling. So that's explain for 6 month absences in my post at this blog.

Also I have CRAFT92 as my personal hobby online store that already entered 2 year after I established it on October 20,2011. So from now on I will personally updated all my rants,tips,tutorial and personal opinions only at  http://craft92.blogspot.com/ .

I will not leave paper model that's for sure,but right now I'm aiming for a better future to achieved the European paper modeller level by only built PAPER MODEL PREMIUM. So that's all folks !!! Remember DO OR DO NOT,THERE IS NO TRY !!!

Jul 12, 2012

PeRI Jabodetabek in Media Indonesia

Just a quick update on media coverage about PeRI Jabodetabek activity. Along with Ruang Antho, Rauf and many other PeRI members Media Indonesia held an interview at Tribeca,Central Park Mall some times during yesterday lunch. And on July 13th 2012 edition we got a nice little article on our community activities and hopefully this will bring more people to realize this wonderful hobby. The photo are courtesy of Haryanto Chandra. For bigger and better article picture just click here, courtesy from Ario. Thanks and always keep up the spirit guys !!!

Jul 11, 2012

Funky Animal by Papertoy Attack !!

My dear friend Salazad along with other paper toy designer have already launch a set of limited edition paper toys which you can purchase for Rp. 150,000, (for Indonesia) or USD15 (international) note: prices above do not include postage.

The first project of Papertoy Attack contains 15 templates inspired by rare and endangered animals in Indonesia. Created by 3 papertoy designers from Indonesia (Faisal Azad, Idham Mahardhika and Ruang Antho).

Be sure to order this item cause its LIMITED EDITION (only 99 set available), check it out on their sites here.

Jul 2, 2012

PeRI Jabodetabek Event in June 2012

June 16 to 17 2012 at Graha Jala Puspita,Jakarta colaborated with KAFI in Jakarta Toys Invasion 2012. For full photo report please do check my facebook album in here.

June 23,2012 at Ex Plaza Sudirman on Japanese Summer Festival 2012. A one day long event for displaying and giving free papermodel workshop for visitor who interested in our booth. Photo courtesy of Rizky Feriansyah, and for another photos do visit this link

Sorry for the sort post update, I've been busy with my duty at the office and my hobby online store. Thanks again for visiting and keep on to spread the PAPERCRAFT VIRUS LOVE.

Jun 14, 2012

Photo Report: PeRI Jogya at Festival Komputer Indonesia 2012

Our fellow paper modeller in PeRI Jogya collaborate with Dyandra at Festival Komputer Indonesia (FKI) 2012 from June 9th till 13th at Jogyakarta. They held a booth and Papercraft Building Contest. All these images below are as per Anis Narmantika credit.

 We made a huge Papertoy  as an Icon for FKI 2012 as you can see above.

PeRI Jogya team with the FKI 2012 icon.

Some of the model that displayed on PeRI Jogya booth.

The star of  displayed models. "OPTIMUS PRIME Movie Version" designed by Julius Perdana from paper-replika.com.

A free papertoy workshop at PeRI Jogya booth.

For more photos of this event you can find it all in this album. Till next post guys and keep the spirit high !!!

Jun 11, 2012

Photo Report : PeRI at ITB Hotaru Fair 2012

On June 2nd 2012, PeRI Bandung had a booth on ITB Hotaru Fair. At this event we displayed some of our completed paper models and by giving a special papercraft workshop for the visitor. Here are below are some of the photos taken during the event, courtesy of Dani Hamdani from PeRI Bandung.

 Some of the PeRI Bandung member that helped organized the event. He he from the picture I can only recognize one people which is Dani himself.

Here we have a display of our completed paper models at the event.

The activity during the papercraft workshop.

And it's the Certificate from ITB for our participation during the event.

If you want to see all the photos, just click in here for the full album. So till next post guys on other city and other event !!!!

May 28, 2012

Photo Report : PeRI @ Nirmanaawards 2012

On Saturday May 26th 2012, I visited PeRI booth at Nirmanaawards 2012 on FX Senayan. This event held to encourage young Indonesian to enlist their design and boost their creativity. And our community have been invited due to our creativity regarding to design and build the paper model. Actually the event held from Friday to Saturday, but I only have the time to visited it on Saturday after my working hours at the office.
Please see below picture as my personal photo report from the events.

PeRI banner side by side with Julius Perdana detailed OPTIMUS PRIME Movie version.

These two photos are about our free coaching clinic held to invite visitor to make their own paper toy.

Iron Man designed and built by Rino Liha (sadly it's a scratch build ) and War Machine designed by Julius Perdana and built by Rauf Raphanus. I think it's the first time that these two models have been displayed side by side during PeRI event.Thanks to Renie that some of her pictures and if you want more of these please visit her FB album in here.

Till next post guys and MAY THE PAPER BE WITH YOU !!!

Apr 3, 2012

Photo Report : PERI Bandung @ Japan Education Expo UNIKOM 2012

On March 31st 2012, PERI Bandung have been invited to Japan Education Expo in UNIKOM Bandung. And here are some photo report courtesy of Mr Dani Hamdani .

The display model on our booth along with some PERI Bandung member.

Some of the visitor that participated on the workshop that held during the event.

Keep the spirits up high guys for PERI Bandung member and always spread the paper model love virus around you.

PERI Malang Activities @ Car Free Day

Every week during Car Free Day event at Jln Ijen MALANG. PERI Malang held a unique exhibition to promote paper model and papercraft to local resident of Malang town. This exhibition is held weekly and thanks to their effort I think more people will understand this hobby and hopefully will be interested with this lovely hobby. Below are some the images from the activities.

Look at their passion even without table stand they can still perform the exhibition.

 And also for the participant of the small workshop they even willing to do it by sitting on the pedestrian.

I gave my two thumbs up for PERI Malang on this unique exhibition, and if you want to keep update about the photos from the activities you can click here in one of PERI Malang member album. Keep the spirits up high guys !!!

Mar 21, 2012

Media Coverage : PeRI at Koran Jakarta

On March 21th 2012, after a quick session with Rauf Raphanus, PeRI got a newspaper Interview at Koran Jakarta. For those of you who wants to read the full article just please click in here. And thanks for Roy Royaje for the link of the full article.