Aug 27, 2009

Black in News covered Paper Replika

On thursday August 27th 2009, me ,Julius Perdana as the founder of and Rauf from have been invited by Black in News. FYI the show is about the latest entertainment and community news sponsored by one of the biggest cigarette manufacture in Indonesia. The coverage went very well and I also brought my latest papercraft model which is Gundam MK II RX 178 (even though it's not finished yet). For the finish model my MSM 04 ACGUY was accompanied by 1:800 Scale NYK Lines LNG Tanker Flora, at least that was what I can do for the paper replika community.

12.30 PM
Start going from my home to Interview Place in Ramen 38 @ Pertokoan Plaza 2 Pondok Indah.
From the address by Jules I already recognized this area cause I usually use Busway when I want to go to Pondok Indah Mall.

01.00 PM
Arrive at Relasi Kebon Jeruk from my home by M11 (Mikrolet), my plans is to ride the busway, but alas before I reach the busway shelter, two busway already pass me by. So I decided to use Taxi and thank god it only took Rp 40,000 fare (including tips).

01.45 PM
Arrive at the location, but nobody show up there so I went to Security post,and funny thing happened here. I bring my papercraft model by modified A4 Carton and stuffed with shredded paper and he search it. Ha ha ha !!!

02.00 PM
Jules phoned me and he said he already in Ramen 38, so I went in. Rauf already on his way, but got stuck by heavy rain on his way to Lebak Bulus terminal.

02.30 PM
Aline arrived and first the Black in News do the coverage about Ramen 38 as Japanese Restaurant.

03.00 PM
Our turn as Paper Replika community. Aline asked about why we choose this media as our hobby, our activity and about how long we can make one model and also about our vision and mission in Paper Replika.

03.15 PM
Rauf arrived with Dini his girlfriend and after he arrived he instantly do the model building demo for Aline Paperavatar that Jules bring as a token gift for Black in News.

04.00 PM
The model finished (but only her head and torso). So she show her paperavatar again in front the camera. The coverage ends here.

Aug 26, 2009

Upcoming Papertoy Design

I decided to make myself the first paper toy design. At last. I will post the design right away after I have permission to use the papercraft templates. Because its ILLEGAL to build some new design based on someone designer templates.

Wish me luck. This new project will contain some original design from Betawi culture. I hope the designer templates will allow me to do it.

Aug 23, 2009

Material & Tools for Papercraft (Part 2)

For this second part I give you more tools for PAPERCRAFT.
1) Ruler
Use this one to scores lines for your papercraft pattern. To make it better use dead ballpoint,mechanical pencil (without the refill) or tiny screwdriver.
2) Mechanical Pencil
Use this tools along with the ruler to make better scoring. Both the ruler and mechanical pencil you can buy at your local book store.
3) Tooth Picks
Apply the PVAC glue for the pattern, make sure to change it after the glue stick too hard on the tip of the tooth stick.
4) Tweezers
This is the most important tools for PAPERCRAFT. Use it to bend the pattern to make the desire model. It's cheap and you can search it on your local tools store.

For scoring you can also used the back of your modelling knife, but only use with 40% - 50% of your normal strength, because if you exceed it the pattern will be cut like you cut with the front side.

Aug 20, 2009

Material & Tools for Papercraft (Part 1)

The main materials for this hobby is of course PAPER, from my personal experiences the best paper you can use is plain A4 paper from 100 gr to 220 gr. Or you can use foto paper (usually 220 gr).
For the tools are :
1) Acto Knife / Modelling Knife
You can get this at your local bookstore, buy the one with plastic grip so you can handle it better other the one with metal grip. With metal grip is so slippery and you might cut your finger while doing it. Be extremely careful with this tool, because is so sharp.
2) PVAC White Glue
For this tools you can buy any kind of brand as long as its PVA WHITE GLUE. It's cheap and you can find it also at your local bookstore.
3) Cutting Pad
This pad is use to cut your papercraft pattern, if you can't find it at your local bookstore you can also use glass surface as long as it doesn't left any mark on the surface.

Aug 18, 2009

Papercraft: Mobile Suit Gundam (1979)

The picture above is from my latest work in Papercraft. Those two mechas are taken from the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime which is aired 30 years ago in Japan. The first is YMS-15 Gyan and the second one is MSM-04 Acguy.

Aug 13, 2009

Pameran Ekonomi Kreatif 2009

The picture above taken by my friends while me and other papercrafter from Kaskus Forum join with to show our finished model. The exhibition held on JCC Senayan from 7 till 9 August 2009. The man behind this project was Julius Perdana from who invited all of us to show off our model to public and from my personal opinion the exhibiton runs very well. Many visitors interested in papercraft and I hope many people will join this hobby too.

For the full photos of this event please visit here from and here from the my friend site who took the whole pictures.