Sep 29, 2011

Helping Friends - We are Paper Toys T-SHIRT !!!

I'm helping Yulia Susanti from Joel -J2 paper toy to promote her T-SHIRT. She sell limited items (24 pieces) for WE ARE PAPER TOYS T-SHIRT. For further information and if you want to order this Limited Item T-SHIRT you can click here to order one. I already ordered one for my self, so don't hesitate just follow the link. Support your Indonesian paper toy designer by buying this T-SHIRT.

Sep 27, 2011

Photo Report : PERI @ Plaza Indonesia Comic & Collectibles Fair 2011

PeRI team preparation before the event begin. We built the booth from cardboard box.

Booth situation during the event.

Rauf as PeRI representative during the final day of the event.

On the final day we held small Paper Toy workshop. And as you can see it's quite an attraction for the participant.

A nice parting gift for PeRI  from the event organizer.
All photos are credit to Imam, Rauf and myself. See you again in our next event.

Papercraft Designer Profile : Dani Hamdani

Meet Dani Hamdani, 30 years old papercraft designer that began learning about papercraft designfrom late 2010.Although he is only graduated from STM but right now he is taking class again for the college. Knew papercraft from 2008, and bought it first model from local convenient store. The first model that he bought was Cessna 172, an airplane paper model from SIDU. Soon after that he Google the Internet for better paper model and found Hercules C130 made by Julius Perdana.

The software that he used the first time to learned paper model design was Metaseq v 2.4, he got it from Thai Paperwork. His first design was IPTN N 250, but he did not share the model because there are many flaws in his first design. When he asked about his master piece and the answered was KT-1B Wong Bee, Si Kumbang and the latest one CN 235 MPA.

Right now along with his ex wife and his partner Yopi Wibisana held a small workshop that teach elementary school student about this wonderful hobby. And if you want to know more about his work, you can update it in his blog right here.

Sep 19, 2011

Photo Report : PeRI @ KJD

The parting gift from Kandank Jurank Doank for our Charity event on September 18,2011

PeRI team with the founder of KJD, Dik Doank.

The participant during our Charity Event.

Some of the Paper Toy that built by participant during the event.

Dik Doank with other KJD kids performing Live Music in the event.

PeRI team for the event except for Roy Jalo who is not in the picture.

Our tag line for the Charity Event. BE CREATIVE NOT NEGATIVE.

All photos courtesy Ruang Antho based on his facebook picture album. Many thanks bro for the great event.

Sep 18, 2011

PeRI Charity Event @ KJD

On September 18 2011, PeRI held it's first Charity Event at Kandang Jurank Doank (KJD) in Ciputat area. The purpose of this event that to show that our community is not just for high class or profit oriented. I myself help this event by giving some paper model tools and materials. We get NO PAID for this event, all is for FREE and for the beneficiary of the people surrounding KJD.

FYI KJD was founded by Dik Doank, a famed multi talented artist who wants to make better education and to teach good learning for those who poor surrounding his home. KJD is basically his home that he wants to share to the whole world without no boundaries between the poor and the rich and welcome to all kinds of peolpes from multicultural race and background.

Many thanks for Dik Doank for this event and also to PeRI team who supported (Antho.Aryo Fitrianto,Roy Jalo,Fajar Kurniawan and Christopher Ryan ). May GOD bless upon you giving and hopes will spread more love about paper model to the people.

Sep 16, 2011

PeRI Upcoming Event in September

We will be attending Plaza Indonesia Comics and Collectibles Fair from September 22 till 25 at Plaza Indonesia on Level 4. Sure be there cause you will be surprised on how our PeRI team can pull out a nice event such like this. So we are waiting for you !!!

Sep 14, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Yulia Susanti

I think this is the first time I interviewed a female paper model designer and her name is Yulia Susanti. Single at the age of 25 she already bring new color to paper model design in Indonesia, especially Urban Paper Toy. On the above picture you can see one of her design "Diamond Queen" that was recently showed at Colours Attack exhibition in London . 

First time she built a paper model was a Drum Set from Canon Creative Park. She told me that she was amazed by the way the pedal that can move.After she resigned form her old job in early 2010 she began this hobby and talking about her masterpiece in building paper model was Drum Set and Santa's Home all  in A5 Paper version.

She began to learned about paper model design in mid of 2010 by making Graduation Paper Toy. She admit it that her first intention because she wanted to sell the souvenir made by paper. She loved it because it's unique and can be customized. After that she also learned from other paper toy master in Indonesia.

Her greatest achievement was her design can participate in an exhibition overseas. And the list was :
1.Custom Papertoy Ecko Clothing by Nick Knite  at Berlin'Germany
2.Paper toy show in OK,Linz, Austria a project by Marko Zubak. 
3.Colours Attack Exhibition at London.
She win an online competition and picked by a special jury.

She already spread papercraft virus to all her friends and relatives. But till now only her niece and nephew that interested in this hobby, she said it was like a playing ground if they saw many papercraft in her house.
Last but not least you can follow her paper toy design in her blog at   Joel -J2. So keep the spirit sister and you will find that you are not alone in this lovely hobby.

Sep 9, 2011

Photo Report : AIESEC Cultural Camp 2011

Participant from Vietnam with Sheriff Woody Paper Model and Punakawan Paper toy series.

 In above picture shows you how many participants in this event.

The famous Punakawan Paper Toy series from Salazad.

One of the rare paper model : Elpiji 3 KG and Public Phone

PeRI Bandung member Gilang Bhaskara with the lucky participants that received special Door Prize.
A book by Faisal Azad (Salazad) on Paper Toy and Traditional Indonesian Stories.

Many thanks for all PeRI Bandung member that helped in the event and especially Gilang Bhaskara for the photos and also one of the participants from Vietnam that allows them  to published here. AIESEC Cultural Camp 2011 was held on July 23rd 2011, and hopefully it will spread paper model virus not just in Indonesia but also through all the countries in ASEAN community.

Sep 7, 2011

PeRI Newspaper Article @ Lampu Hijau

On September 1st and 2nd 2011, PeRI got a special article in Lampu Hijau (one of national newspaper in Indonesia). The photo above shows snapshot from our article courtesy of Antho. I think judging from the photo they already interviewed us back all the way in November 2010 during Urban Fest 2010. But nevertheless, it doesn't matter because with this article I hope can bring more people interest in paper model hobby.