Feb 8, 2011

PERI Gathering : Mass Build Paper Toy

At Julius home @ Gandul PERI held its annual gathering on February 5th 2011. In this gathering we also helped our friend Yudhi H.S. on his upcoming marriage celebration by doing mass build paper toy of he and his future wife customized by Faisal Azad. You can see the above picture for the paper toy. He will make about 600 pair as marriage souvenir.

Me and Arif Suseno having a snack break time after built some paper toy.

I'm doing my part of building the paper toy.

Roy only watching TV cable while Imam and Aryo doing his job. Right here I'm reading Julius book.

Rino, Imam and Aryo busy doing his job.

Andry and Ade also busy doing his job.

Many thanks for PERI member who came to the gathering : Adhi, Antho, Ade, Andry, Imam, Yudhi H.S., Iwan and Roy. Thanks also for Julius as our lovely host.

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