May 2, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Wanda Bachtiansyah

The photos above is Gundam Kyrios built by Ario Fitrianto designed by Wanda Bachtiansyah.And he admitted this one his masterpiece yet in paper model design. He already began his desire on this hobby since he's in 1st Elementary School. He said his first built as long as he can remember was Voltus papercrat. In year 1990 he was introduced to Angkasa magazine and he began made air plane paper model. And went he went to high school at STM Negeri 1 Bekasi (now known as Cikarang Barat) he and his class mate formed a community called ZERO that focused on air plane paper model. When he joint this community he also made Julius Perdana AH 64 Apache about 3 m long. And in 1999 he joined PRC (Paper Replica Club), this club was developed under Angkasa magazine. In PRC he entered Education Division, so his job was to teach paper model to PRC member or non member. He also spread his experience when Angkasa held an exhibition or an event in school or other places.

Since Elementary School he already learned to designed paper model. But his design back then was still rough and he polished it when he joined PRC. He actually did not remember his first design, but he can remember his last design that was published by Angkasa, it was  Messerschmitt ME 262 on Buku Membuat Pesawat Model. About his achievement in this hobby he once built 600 paper plane model for souvenir order along with his 2 friends. And he also built a full airport plane in 1/144 scale and 1 cm F-14 Tomcat(maybe this model it's the tiniest one he ever made).

Right now at the age of 32  he already married with one children. And for the last 8 years he's been living at Batam. He said there were many people already infected by his paper model virus and right now he is trying to spread those virus in Batam. His target that this virus someday will reach Singapore and Malaysia.

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