Nov 16, 2011

PERI Single Fighter Workshop and Exhibition

Sometimes PERI got a sudden invitation from school to make exhibiton and workshop about papercraft. And here I will give you some of the example of PERI Single Fighter who became one person army in order to spread the virus love of papercraft.

Dikki Liem from PERI Jabodetabek at BPK Penabur School in Jakarta
I used image software to make one large picture of all his activities during the workshop.

Taufik Hidayat from PERI Bandung at SMP Cipanas on November 05,2011
No matter where the place there is always a way to make a papercraft workshop like shown above.

So from those picture I urged many PERI members all over Indonesia not to shy to show your papercraft talent and you can became PERI representative by making small papercraft workshop that teach students or colleague students near your city. Don't stop the virus love,spread the papercraft virus.

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