Apr 3, 2012

PERI Malang Activities @ Car Free Day

Every week during Car Free Day event at Jln Ijen MALANG. PERI Malang held a unique exhibition to promote paper model and papercraft to local resident of Malang town. This exhibition is held weekly and thanks to their effort I think more people will understand this hobby and hopefully will be interested with this lovely hobby. Below are some the images from the activities.

Look at their passion even without table stand they can still perform the exhibition.

 And also for the participant of the small workshop they even willing to do it by sitting on the pedestrian.

I gave my two thumbs up for PERI Malang on this unique exhibition, and if you want to keep update about the photos from the activities you can click here in one of PERI Malang member album. Keep the spirits up high guys !!!

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