May 28, 2012

Photo Report : PeRI @ Nirmanaawards 2012

On Saturday May 26th 2012, I visited PeRI booth at Nirmanaawards 2012 on FX Senayan. This event held to encourage young Indonesian to enlist their design and boost their creativity. And our community have been invited due to our creativity regarding to design and build the paper model. Actually the event held from Friday to Saturday, but I only have the time to visited it on Saturday after my working hours at the office.
Please see below picture as my personal photo report from the events.

PeRI banner side by side with Julius Perdana detailed OPTIMUS PRIME Movie version.

These two photos are about our free coaching clinic held to invite visitor to make their own paper toy.

Iron Man designed and built by Rino Liha (sadly it's a scratch build ) and War Machine designed by Julius Perdana and built by Rauf Raphanus. I think it's the first time that these two models have been displayed side by side during PeRI event.Thanks to Renie that some of her pictures and if you want more of these please visit her FB album in here.

Till next post guys and MAY THE PAPER BE WITH YOU !!!

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