Aug 20, 2009

Material & Tools for Papercraft (Part 1)

The main materials for this hobby is of course PAPER, from my personal experiences the best paper you can use is plain A4 paper from 100 gr to 220 gr. Or you can use foto paper (usually 220 gr).
For the tools are :
1) Acto Knife / Modelling Knife
You can get this at your local bookstore, buy the one with plastic grip so you can handle it better other the one with metal grip. With metal grip is so slippery and you might cut your finger while doing it. Be extremely careful with this tool, because is so sharp.
2) PVAC White Glue
For this tools you can buy any kind of brand as long as its PVA WHITE GLUE. It's cheap and you can find it also at your local bookstore.
3) Cutting Pad
This pad is use to cut your papercraft pattern, if you can't find it at your local bookstore you can also use glass surface as long as it doesn't left any mark on the surface.

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