Aug 23, 2009

Material & Tools for Papercraft (Part 2)

For this second part I give you more tools for PAPERCRAFT.
1) Ruler
Use this one to scores lines for your papercraft pattern. To make it better use dead ballpoint,mechanical pencil (without the refill) or tiny screwdriver.
2) Mechanical Pencil
Use this tools along with the ruler to make better scoring. Both the ruler and mechanical pencil you can buy at your local book store.
3) Tooth Picks
Apply the PVAC glue for the pattern, make sure to change it after the glue stick too hard on the tip of the tooth stick.
4) Tweezers
This is the most important tools for PAPERCRAFT. Use it to bend the pattern to make the desire model. It's cheap and you can search it on your local tools store.

For scoring you can also used the back of your modelling knife, but only use with 40% - 50% of your normal strength, because if you exceed it the pattern will be cut like you cut with the front side.

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