Dec 5, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (3)

Weclcome again to Acrylic Box Tutorial. In this part I will show you how to form a box.
In the first picture you can see you have to peel the inner wrap of acrylic. Don't forget to do, because if you do you have to tear apart again the box and will take more time.
In the second picture please prepare the cotton bud along with Acrylic Glue. And in the last picture show you how to apply acrylic glue in order to bond the acrylic to form a box. Do it like you apply glue to paper model. Make sure one side and the other glued tightly, because we don't want any air get through in the box. If that happen, it will make your paper model deteriorate in terms of color. Remember if already fixed please wait till the glue dried, aproximately about 10 to 15 minutes. And on the next tutorial (the final one) I will give you the box picture and some of the paper model that already been boxed by Antho and Imam.
All picture are credits to Ruang Antho.

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