Dec 5, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (2)

For this second tutorial I will give you the ilustration about cutting acrylic. After you measured your paper model and have the exact desire measurement for your box, use the plastic scribber along with the iron ruler to cut the acrylic.
The last picture show you how to cut the acrylic. Remember to use hard material or multiplex as cutting mat when doing this. One tips when cutting the acrylic : YOU HAVE TO DO IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. As shown in the first picture, the acrylic will slowly break apart by showing its white parts. So do it over and over again till the acrylic break off.
Please remember to put saftey as your first concern, plastic scribber its very sharp. So do it with your full strength but also be carefull when cutting it.
Next tutorial will be gluing together the part to form a box. All the picture are credits to Ruang Antho.

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