Feb 28, 2010

PeRI Event on Central Park (23 - 28 February 2010)

Paper Replika Indonesia (PeRI) held a big event on 1001 IDF Mascot Competition in Central Park, Jakarta. The event took about 5 days long of exhibit and we had one special slot for workshop in Saturday (February 27th 2010). Thank you for Concept Magazine,IDS (International Design School), Fuji Xerox ,CJ Paper and Central Park for this event. From visitor list that we spread from the first day of the event PeRI booth achieve over 1,000 visitor that got free paper model templates from us. These templates are free to attract more people to join this lovely hobby. Personally it was exhausting but very fun. I hope PeRI will held bigger event in the coming future. There are some picture credits goes to Riando. And finally thanks to all PeRI member that put their effort to made this event success.

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  1. keren banget event nya yah kang... uhuhuh sayang ngga bisa hadir.. :(