Feb 9, 2010

PeRI Radio Talk Show @ DELTA FM

One of PeRI member Beta Antonio that works in DELTA FM offer PeRI for a radio talk show. And gladly we accept it. The Radio talk show held in DELTA FM studio at Ratu Plaza Office Tower 19th floor on February 3rd. PeRI representative were me and Rauf. As for our information Rauf very happy to attend this talk show since he was DELTA FM fans from long time ago. We got one hour slot from 7 pm till 8 pm in Afternoon Bright session with radio announcer Raynia Atmadja.

For this talk show I made my speciality souvenir whigh is Ondel Ondel Paper Toy from Salazad and Rauf made a Densus 88 Paper soldier from Paper Replika, he also made a DELTA FM pop up.
I went off from my office around 5 pm and because of heavy traffic jam due to PERSIJA match in Senayan Stadium I arrived at the studio around 6.30 pm. Ten minutes after I arrived Rauf also arrived with all his battle gear and souvenir for the show.

Being the first time interviewed by the Radio kinda made me nervous, fortunately the radio announcer can light down the situation and cheer me up. For RAUF he got through with it smoothly, because he used to be a radio announcer in a community radio. You can see some of the picture taken by DELTA crew above, for more picture of it you can visit DELTA FM fan page in Facebook.

For all PeRI member or my reader who miss the show Beta Antonio has uploaded the recorded sesion from the talk show and you can download it in here. Thank you again so much for DELTA FM and I hope this will make more people interested in paper model.

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