Mar 24, 2010

Paper Replika and Salazad on Republika

On March 13th 2010, Paper Replika (PR) and Salazad got almost 1 page article in Republika. For your information Republika is one of recognizable daily newspaper in Indonesia. In this article they shared their knowledge and experience on papercraft. I'm also glad while reading this article that finally Salazad tell the media about copyright in papercraft, it's very important. Although most of our models are free but you can not use it for commercial purpose without an agreement from the designer.

Salazad also got a little surprise that ARTi magazine in Edisi 025 Year II/March 2010 wrote about papercraft as another form of paper art. For your information ARTi magazine it's been long acknowledged by people as one of the leading art magazine. I'm glad that people also appreciate this as an art not only as a hobby.

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