Mar 26, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul

This cute baby Taz Paper Toy is my friend first design. His name is Roy Jalo Martua Sitompul, but in our paper model forum his nick name is jalokx. At the age of 10 he made his first paper model which is a plane from a cigarette box. But he seriously do this hobby since he bought Apocalypse comic book in 2009 with a paper model bonus inside of it. His masterpiece was when he built drive through, gas station and parking post for BCA Flazz commercial. He said he was proud that his work put on large billboard in Jakarta. He learned paper model design when he assisted Julius Perdana ( in order to complete the BCA commercial. Beside BCA commercial his highest achievment in paper model that he showed up in Dahsyat RCTI and Laptop Si Unyil Trans7.
His papercraft virus already infected to his little brother, and judging by his age now at 24 I'm expecting more design comes from him. Living single and always happy and believe it or not his educational background is Manajemen Informatika Komputer. For more of his design and passion in paper model you can visit St Craft Warehouse
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