Apr 8, 2010

From Builder to Designer

From my previous papercraft builder profile RAUF and ANTHO back in 2009, there are good news coming from both of them. They already leveled up their skills and became a papercraft designer.
Rauf built his first papercraft design DASH-1 Emperor from the famous manga and anime series. As for Antho he made a pirate paper toy for his concern about design piracy.

As far as I know, Rauf studied papercraft design from many people but there are three people which can be named as his tutor. They are Arif Suseno,Rizky Feriansyah and Julius Perdana. Antho tutor in papercraft design was Faisal Azad. So I congratulate both of them for their effort to make Indonesian papercraft becoming much recognize in the international forums and websites.

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