May 26, 2010

PERI Bandung Coverage @ Kompas

Once again our friends over PERI Bandung got a newspaper coverage. This time is rather special, because they been invited exclusively and have a little interview with the reporter. After Youthporia 2010, some of PERI Bandung member such as Gilang Bhaskoro,Tian and Heppi Hutri interviewed by the reporter from Kompas. Unfortunately  I miss the paper edition on this article because it only appears in Kompas West Java edition that did not appear in national edition. I hope many people will get more interested in this hobbies especially the young generation in order to have our future generation as paper model builder or designer. Just click the first article and the second one, if you want to read it online. Many thanks for Gilang for his link and permission to use his picture.

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