May 18, 2010

PeRI @ Youthporia 2010


This time PERI was invited by Universitas Parahyangan Bandung to attend Youthporia 2010. So this time PERI exhibition was organized by PERI Bandung with member such as Heppy Hutri, Gilang Bhaskoro and Faisal Azad. They event took 2 days from 10 till 11 May, along with this event PERI held a small paper model workshop to show the visitor how to built simple paper model (PAPER TOY for instance). Our stand is one of the most crowded one and I'm happy to hear that. For the picture aboves I think some picture goes to Gilang Bhaskoro who also became one of the official organizer for this event. As our Heppy got his picture on KOMPAS newspaper in West Java edition and on May 20th will be interview by the same newspaper along with other PERI Bandung member

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