Jun 20, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Dicky Wardiansyah

Meet Dicky Wardiansyah, he is a new paper toy designer from Majalaya, Bandung, West Java.
He learned from his early elementary school about paper model. Actually back in the old days they used to call it Hasta Karya, at first he collected the pattern from magazine bonus. And by incident he came to meet papercraft pattern on the Internet after initially want to seek origami pattern.
His first build model was MIKOSHI from Yamaha papercraft site. He start learning to design paper toy around December 2010, although he only graduated from High School that doesn't limitd him to study graphic design and become a paper toy designer by learning from other and by self taught.

Actually when he asked about his masterpiece on papercraft building he only said none, but from difficulty point Neuschwanstein Castle from CANON website is the hardest one he ever built. And for paper toy design that he really loves is ORGA.His greatest achievement by becoming a paper toy designer is to meet and  make new FRIENDS from all over the world, because you can not measured that by anything.

His first paper toy design was D'Loo, he designed in a simple way and allow other people to customized it. Already have a wife and  a little boy, and still spreading papercraft virus around his neighborhood. And boy he is a lucky man, his wife advise him to teach his little boy about making papercraft when he already grow up.
And last but not least you can visit all his marvelous work on BODICKRAFT

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