Jul 15, 2011

It's Done and It's Huge !!!

Finally after 6 weeks of paper model building time, my first commission job it's finished. The client asked me to built Sleeping Beauty Disney Castle in A3  glossy paper. All I have to do is juts build it, because he already printed the pattern and the instructions.
For your Information, this beautiful model already on aired at TV Show Teenlicious from Global TV on July 10th 2011. The shooting itself took at my place along side with Rauf, Antho and Christopher Ryan. The crew interviewed us on June 22th 2011. But the model itself finished on June 26th, but I manage to present to the TV crew as per below picture.

After this commission job, I already took another one from the same client.So after this I think I'm gonna break a while all my personal paper model project to focus on the commission job.