Jul 19, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Imanda Budiman

After I promoted his cute Gatot Kaca Paper Toy, Imanda Budiman who designed it already create a new blog solely for update his paper craft design. Meet 25 years college student that studied Tekhnik Informatika as his daily basis.He began to make paper model since 2010 with Velociraptor as his first built.
And according to his experience Strike Freedom Gundam in SD form was his most difficult built.

Began to learned about paper model design in the middle of 2010,and his first design was Gatot Kaca like the picture above. Although he already spread papercraft virus to all his friends in college or around him actually there is no one get ever really infected by that virus. But if you want to get infected by all his cute paper toy design you can visit his blog Superibee and download your favorite one. For my personal opinion I think we going to see more beautiful paper toy design from him in the near future.

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