Jan 31, 2012

Achtung! Tiger IN Memoriam : Yudhi Kistyarto

On January 24th 2012 I received a sad news from one of our senior member from PERI Makassar. Yudhi Kistyarto have passed away due to serious illness after taking serious treatment at the hospital. I read the news while I was on my way back to Jakarta from Bandung after visited my family there.

The photo above was when I met him for the  first time at Hot Game Ville event all the way back on March 2011. He is a kind and funny guy. I never realized that was the first and also the last moment I saw him in this world. So although there are many activity from PERI during this January, I decided to postpone my report on it till February.  I dedicated all my blog this JANUARY 2012 for him.

Rest in Peace brother and may Allah SWT give you a better place in the after life. For those of you who want to remember his activity in my blog you can click here for hist first exhibition at Makassar and in here for his visit to Jakarta at Hot Game Ville.

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