Nov 8, 2009

Paper Model from IndoComtech 2009 (1)

Above picture was my latest paper model from Salazad Papertoy line. This character was one of the Punakawan who serves righteous knight in Sundanese Wayang. His name was DAWALA. The original size for this papertoy comes in A4. But for IndoComtech I made something special, the right model shows you A5 version (PeRI staff used it for booth display). As a gift for the designer who already came all the way to Jakarta fromBandung I choose A6 version (the left model). Its very challenging and for your information this model came by a simple human mistake. I printed the pattern on Digital Print as my regular place to go when I want to make paper model. But the officer in there mistakenly print the pattern in A6 version, after I look it for a while I said to myself " hmm I can do this" and the morning before I went to IndoComtech 2009 for the last time on Sunday 8th November 2009 I made this model. It only took about 30 minutes to complete it. So thanks for Salazad who already took the picture above and I hope he will make more very interesting paper toy. HATUR NUHUN PISAN.


  1. hayu bikin yang mini series... hohohohoho... pajangnya di kotak khusus gitu..

    jadi micro models deh.. :D :D :D

  2. Rencana sih ada tapi kotaknya kurang neeh, kemaren Dawala A6 yg sdh di kotak dikasih ke FAI

  3. bikin kotak sendiri dari mikaa.. :D :D :D