Nov 24, 2009

Acrylic Box Tutorial (1)

In order to make your finished paper model secure from any harm, I recommend you to make Acrylic Box. In order to do that I will give you step by step tutorial beginning with the material and tools that we used to make the box.

1. Acrylic
This material available at your nearest household stores. My recommendation if your paper model height is less than 20 CM used 2 mm thickness. There are many thickness for Acrylic. As long as I know you must used 3 MM thickness or more if your paper model height is more than 20 CM. WHY ?? Because if you used 2 MM thickness for your 20cm or more papermodel in height, the box can not stand it's own height.

2. Plastic Scribber
Buy this tools also at your nearest household store or hobby kit. There are many range of price for plastic scribber, my suggestion buy the cheapest one if you occasionally make the box. But if you want to make the box more often, buy the best one and also comes with the highest price.

3.Acrylic Glue
This glue is special because it will make the acrylic stick together. My suggestion is to search for the store that sell this glue in one package along with acrylic so you don't have to worry to search it elsewhere. But if you want to buy it, you can also go to your nearest chemical store.

4.Cotton Bud
Used this to apply Acrylic Glue, because this glue is a danger chemical liquid.

5. Pen and Iron Ruler
Used the pen and Iron ruler to measure your paper model height,width and length in order to achieve the box measurement. Also used iron ruler along with plastic scribber when you cut the acrylic . Remember used only Iron Ruler, plastic ruler will cause damage to your ruler and may take harm to your finger while doing it.

The pic above was the courtesy of Ruang Antho.
See you in the next tutorial.