Aug 23, 2010

PERI @ Inspirasi Dorce Trans 7

On August 17th 2010, PERI had a small gathering at Rizky's house in Pasar Rebo. Actually I kind of lazy to go there, but because many of PERI member would like to see my first commercial paper model that I recently bought from the Internet so I dragged my self there. Arriving at Rizky's house around 9 AM the house is already crowded with many PERI member with their models also. Rauf said that the shooting will take place around 12 AM and meanwhile we're waiting I showed off my GPM Nr 40 that I bought from Inspirasi Dorce was a morning variety show host by "unique" Dorce Gamalama. The shooting went very well and because of the rain I stayed till afternoon waiting the rain to came off. But I'm happy I dragged my self there, because Rizky gave me his old military plastic models that he longer want to build. Thanks again bro, and for many coverage photos you can visit article in here

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