Aug 2, 2010

PERI @ HP Booth in Mother & Baby Fair 2010

HP invited us to helped their booth during Mother & Baby Fair 2010 held in Balai Kartini from July 31 till August 01, 2010. For this event the PERI team (Roy, Rauf and Christo) made something very special. They made 1,5 meter tall Teddy bear Paper Model. I raised my hat off and saluted them in their effort to made the paper model. As for the event I saluted Rizky for his effort by providing transportation and watching our paper model almost one full day at the last day of the event. Thanks you BRO, without you all this things can never happened. If you wondered how PERI team managed to built this huge paper model, you can visited Rauf photo album in here. And thank you again for Rizky for allowing me to published the pictures during the event. Also one good news PERI welcomed their youngest member from Arif who just recently had a little baby boy ,congratulations BRO, hopefully this will bring more joy to your family.

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