Aug 16, 2010

PERI Gathering @ Solaria Sky Dining Plaza Semanggi


It's almost a year from our first gathering back in September 2009 at Plaza Semanggi Food Court. So PERI Jabodetabek gathered again to refreshed their mind and to share some new tips and tricks in paper model design and building. On August 7th 2010 we gathered in Solaria Sky Dining at 10th floor at top of Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta. It was fun, because this gathering we don't have to discuss about event or exhibition. So it just a fun gathering and we can have a lot to discuss, especially the upcoming one year of our community. But it does really made me surprise that one year ago we established this community and right now PERI had already member from many cities around Indonesia.
The theme for this gathering is MILITARY paper model,many member including myself brought their models. And the star of this gathering was Jules 1:1 scale SVD Sniper Rifle. It was made by Rauf and as by the picture above held by Bobby, another military freak in our forum. But I wasn't be able to attend the gathering till the end, because I have to go to my family in Bandung. So in the last picture I didn't appeared.
For other picture taken at the event, you can visit photo album in here     

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