Mar 21, 2011

PERI @ Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2011

Jakarta Toys & Comics Fair 2011 is an annual event that held every once in a year. On last year event I did not get the chance to visit the event due to personal matter. But on this year when PERI also invited to the event I pushed myself to attend this event that this year held at Balai Kartini. And here are the photo report form the event that took 2 days full from March 12 till March 13,2011.

Here are couple of photos that showed PERI booth at the event and the visitor event that already infected by papercraft virus.

 In this photo Arif Suseno showed us some tips and tricks how to make 3D model in Google Sketchup program.

Quick photos on how many paper models that PERI took for the event.

The booth in here showed are supervised by Vicky and Rico.

At the event I also shoot some photos of booth that made and sell actual size of Captain America shield and other super heroes gimmicks, such as Wolverine Iron Claws and Thor Hammer. The models looks very nice and have a good finishing touch, but the price are way out of my wallet capabilities.

Thanks for all PERI member that showed up and took participants in this lovely event. Hopefully PERI will get invited on the next year event.

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