Mar 21, 2011

PERI @ Mega Bazaar Computer 2011 with DATA PRINT

On March 13,2011, PERI have the opportunity to spread the papercraft virus by giving free workshop at site in DATA PRINT booth at Mega Bazaar Computer (MBC) 2011. And here are the photo report of the exhibition and the workshop that held at JCC Senayan.

Our paper toy in DATA PRINT booth at MBC 2011. Actually the paper toy already there from the beginning of MBC 2011 on March 9.

Above photos showed you the victim of our papercraft virus, that gladly cut, fold and glue the free pattern at DATA PRINT booth and give us the final result of their first ever paper toy.

And here are the photos of DATA PRINT staff member that also tried her first experience with paper toy building.

Many thanks for DATA PRINT for this lovely cooperation, and also to Roy Jalo that accompanied me during the event. Hopefully PERI and DATA PRINT will continue this good relationship in the future.

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