Mar 21, 2011

Photo Report : PERI Bandung @ Pradana Cipta Karya in UNIBI

On February 18 till February 20,2011, PERI Bandung have been invited to Pradana Cipta Karya. This is an event held by UNIBI (Universitas Informatika dan Bisnis Indonesia) in Bandung. And I will give you the photo report of this event.

On above photo you can see the PERI Bandung member that helped this event went well. From left to right are : Anjar, Gilang, Angga, Idham and  Hafizh. Other PERI member that did not get the chance to be inthe picture is Tian Bachtiar.

Paper Replika Indonesia booth at the event.

And here are the winner of the workshop that PERI Bandung held at the vent and got free merchandise.

And the above picture showed you the workshop that PERI Bandung held at the event.

And in here you can see the booth at the first day of the event.

Many  thanks for all the PERI Bandung member that came and supported this event. And I hope PERI Bandung will get to held more event this year to spread the papercraft virus to the people.

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