Nov 7, 2010

Diorama Paper Model

Diorama Paper Model is one type of paper model  that replicate the actual conditions of the real life by using miniature figure, building or any kind of vehicles by scale from 1:25 to 1:6. I think that is my personal definition of  Diorama Paper Model. As you can see above from my latest picture about Diorama Paper Model.All the scale for above diorama are 1:35, I used the same scale as the one that commonly used in military diorama from plastic model kit.

Actually if you buy a commercial paper model from the Internet, they actually came in 1:25 scale, so it quite bigger than their counterpart in  plastic model military diorama. For the things you need to know about the basics of this type of model are : composition, point of focus,  foliage, base material, miniature figure and scale.

For your information if you want to build the diorama like  my second picture above, you can visit this link, and it's for free. And till now I still used plastic model miniature figure for all my diorama paper model because I couldn't find 3D miniature figure from paper model designer. And I hope for the paper model designer that read this will soon built the models, believe me guys there are a bunch of paper model builder out there wishing the same thing as I am.

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