Nov 8, 2010

Papercraft Designer Profile : Happy Hutri Pamungkas

 I don't know what I'm supposed to call  this guy, but in PERI , Happy Hutri Pamungkas name is so popular and we considered him as our informal PERI mascot. His friends and colleagues called him Sonny, he knew paper model from our article coverage in HAI magazine all the way back in 2009. First time I met him was on our  gathering in Plaza Semanggi before IndoComtech 2009. I'm not asked to call teacher by this guy, but in his blog he seems to think that I'm his teacher.

Well then the student already surpassed the teacher maybe, he already designed a simple paper model (Inter Milan football club logo) on son2boy paper. But in terms of building skills, he must learn so much from me and the other builder in PERI.His first paper model build was Nessajthe Chaos knight , that was the popular DOTA character from Still a college student in  Institut Manajemen Telkom major in MBTI. He first learn to design paper model around the end of 2009, and still want to finish his Unicorn Gundam paper model by

Seems to his opinion to beon Dahsyat RCTI and got his name on KOMPAS Bandung article is his greatest achievement. And I admitted he succeed to spread the paper model virus in his university and he's very active by publishing our event and exhibition in Bandung together with other PERI Bandung member.
PS: The picture above was a PAPER TOY tribute for SONY from other designer paper model.

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