Nov 22, 2010

PERI @ UrbanFest 2010

This is the picture of the first PERI team during Urban Fest 2010, that started Saturday November 20th 2010. From right to left are Rizky, Rauf, Ariv, Ilud, Ricco,Vicky, Roy and Christopher. Salute for you guys, and thank you for Mr Adhi who took the picture. ROY was holding SVD paper model built by Mr Adhi.

Some of the paper model and paper toy that displayed in our booth during Urban Fest 2010. You can see the first picture are three Gundam Impulse Variant (Strike, Sword and Blast) designed by Arif Suseno from
Here is the picture of Mr Antho being interviewed by local TV Station. Hi hi, I guess PERI's name are more popular every day.

Even some foreign tourist that came to Ancol interested about our booth, from the PERI member report they were very excited when they looked the paper models.

 And here you have our informal PERI mascot, Heppy Hutri Pamungkas alias SONY .Good to see you again , although the hair doesn't change a bit.

And here last but not least the PERI booth in Urban Fest 2010 during the first day on Saturday November 20th. I admitted I was very satisfied with this event, cause it does give us a wider audience and more expose by media. Thank you all for the PERI member that gave their effort for this event. And thank you too for Mr Adhi,Mr Rizky and Mr Rino for giving permission to use their pictures for this article.

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