Sep 27, 2011

Papercraft Designer Profile : Dani Hamdani

Meet Dani Hamdani, 30 years old papercraft designer that began learning about papercraft designfrom late 2010.Although he is only graduated from STM but right now he is taking class again for the college. Knew papercraft from 2008, and bought it first model from local convenient store. The first model that he bought was Cessna 172, an airplane paper model from SIDU. Soon after that he Google the Internet for better paper model and found Hercules C130 made by Julius Perdana.

The software that he used the first time to learned paper model design was Metaseq v 2.4, he got it from Thai Paperwork. His first design was IPTN N 250, but he did not share the model because there are many flaws in his first design. When he asked about his master piece and the answered was KT-1B Wong Bee, Si Kumbang and the latest one CN 235 MPA.

Right now along with his ex wife and his partner Yopi Wibisana held a small workshop that teach elementary school student about this wonderful hobby. And if you want to know more about his work, you can update it in his blog right here.

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